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"You, Me and Dupree"

Directed by Anthony & Joe Russo.
Written by Mike LeSieur.
Starring Owen Wilson, Kate Hudson, Matt Dillon and Michael Douglas.
Release Year:  2006

Review Date:  7/26/06


I left it up to my friend Rina, who showed up at the Tysons AMC Theaters and had to pick from the movies I hadn't seen...and, she went with "You, Me and Dupree", which ended up being a fair, if bland, choice given the pool of contestants.

The problem with the film is the same problem almost all films fronted by your friend and mine, Owen Wilson--the film never aspires to be great, it never pushes the laughs to the limit, it never gives you an ounce of originality, but the guy's laid-back persona makes "You, Me and Dupree" watchable, if ultimately forgettable.  This time, the slacker that Wilson plays is named Dupree, best friend and best man to Carl (Matt Dillon) at his wedding in Hawaii as the film opens.  Carl, who marries a lovely teacher named Molly (Kate Hudson), has married into a family where his new father-in-law (Michael Douglas) is actually his current boss at a real estate firm...and, the kind of boss that is going to be really hard to work for really soon!  Back home from the honeymoon, Carl and Molly are excited to live their life together...until their old buddy Dupree loses his job, his apartment, and all of his pride in about a week, and Carl suggests to Dupree that he move into the newlyweds' single family home.

Unfortunately, Dupree is the housemate from hell, and the rest of the film explores the consequences for putting up your best friend, even IF he's a total fucking slob.

Wilson appears to do this kind of work in his sleep; he's occasionally funny, he always looks like a ham, he doesn't do drama well and his playful nature either works for you or it annoys the living shit out of you.  In "You, Me and Dupree", it goes in all directions, but generally, he captures the essence of the "fuck 'em all" attitude that has made him a big star.  By the time he's explaining the brush-back pitch to an Asian kid that's in the high school orchestra, the film either SHOULD work for you or not...but, strangely, in the case of Rina and I, we were in awkward agreement that the film somehow sits squarely on the fence because of the predictable marriage drama that unfolds matched with a few solid belly laughs sprinkled just so, to keep the comedy moving.  Hudson, Dillon and Wilson make for a great three-way team, even if their material is a bit stale; their chemistry makes this shit bearable.

When the material is bad, though, it sucks; there are a few stretches where no one laughed at anything for a few minutes at a time; Douglas, usually so good in everything, doesn't bring it home this go-round.  Save for the song over the film's epilogue, the soundtrack was blah; the look of the film is very blah as well, standard for comedy but every little bit helps when you are trying to keep guys like me awake.  The kids weren't bad, though.

Eh, "You, Me and Dupree" is alright, nothing special, it didn't suck, Rina and I did do some good laughing throughout the film, but Wilson shoots for such a low bar that I guess this should be par for the course.  I wish he just tried harder!  "Go out...and...get yourself...a good job!"

Rating:  Matinee


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