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Directed by James Cox.
Written by James Cox, Todd Samovitz, D. Loriston Scott and Captain Mauser.
Starring Val Kilmer, Kate Bosworth, Dylan McDermott and Josh Lucas.
Release Year:  2003 
Review Date:  10/28/03


“Wonderland” my ass!

Val Kilmer as adult film star John Holmes?  Josh Lucas?  Dylan McDermott?  Kate Bosworth?  Faizon Love?  You name it, they’re in “Wonderland”, the story of Holmes just about two years after his illustrious, uh, career ended and during the week of hell that ended with four people being murdered over drugs, money, guns...and, a whole bunch of other shit that falls into the Movie Cliché Hall of Fame.  I came into this thinking there might be some funny highlights about Holmes’ career, the women, the drug downfall, or the fact that he packed 14 inches of manhood into every scene...but NOOOO...

...what I got instead was just a fucking mess, a collage of things that confirm Kilmer plays drug-addicted characters better than anyone in film history, but not much else.  In July of 1981, four people were killed at a house on Wonderland Road in LA over what seemed like a drug squabble.  The owner of the house and its many hangers-on were renowned for their drug consumption; amongst those that used to “hang out” include Ron (Lucas), Dave (McDermott, behind a wall of a beard and tattoos) and Billy (Tim Blake Nelson).  John Holmes, or “Johnny Wad” from his film days, always seemed to be a little short on coke so he hangs out at the house as well.  As the film opens, we learn that Ron and Billy are dead (along with a couple others), so we go into extended flashback to learn how the bloodbath at the Wonderland house occurred, and who was responsible; was Dave in charge of the hit?  Did Holmes himself take part in the crime?

Do I give a chicken fried shit?  Director James Cox (come on, could the name be any more appropriate?) doesn’t seem to give a shit, throwing everything but the kitchen sink into his film and putting it on a pedestal to nearly say “Hey ma, look!” when it’s all over.  What we get to look at include so many name actors I couldn’t keep track anymore; Eric Bogosian plays a sleazy dealer, Lisa Kudrow plays John’s former wife, Christina Applegate plays somebody’s wife...shit, even Carrie Fisher—former Princess Leia—shows up as a holy roller in the film’s opening number.  Wow.  All dressed up and nowhere to go, the performers are mostly energetic, most notably Lucas, who flies all over the place as the principal bad guy in this film.  But, I didn’t really get the chance to know any of them, or care about why they get stepped on, waxed, double-dealt or beaten with a lead pipe before the film was over.  Speaking of which, the violence in this film is “Kill Bill” violent.  Whoa, a couple people get killed and THEN they get demolished near the end, and even I was like “Hey, Cox, easy tiger...I get it already!”

As I said, Kilmer is as good as they come, and his Holmes is doing drugs in almost every scene, so Kilmer is nearly perfect throughout.  The music is solid, and this shot of adrenaline is never slow, even if it is pointless.  The two or three jokes that are made about Holmes’ legendary johnson are good, but for a movie about an adult film star, the language and the visuals are surprisingly intercourse-free.

Disappointing.  Very disappointing.

Rating:  Rental


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