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"The Wicker Man"

Directed by Neil LaBute.
Written by Neil LaBute.
Starring Nicolas Cage, Kate Beahan, Leelee Sobiesky and Ellen Burstyn.
Release Year:  2006
Review Date:  9/2/06


I had a choice to finish up my Two for the Price of None night ("The Science of Sleep" was early)--go see "Crank" at a nearby theater, or go to see "The Wicker Man" at a theater near my apartment.  Since I felt better about paying to see "Crank" the next day, I picked "The Wicker Man" as my second freebie of the night.


After seeing "Your Friends and Neighbors" and generally hearing good things about playwright/film director Neil LaBute, and seeing that he was teaming up with Nic Cage to do a remake of the 70s' thriller "The Wicker Man", I figured that even though the trailer sucked, the film might be a bit better.  But, as I am becoming more accustomed to as I get older, I am very willing to admit that I made a grave mistake, because the 2006 version of "The Wicker Man" is pretty much dogshit, save for some laughs that are clearly unintentional near the end of the movie.

The set up here is that California cycle cop Edward Malus (Cage) starts out the film by witnessing a horrible accident where a mother and her child are hit by an 18-wheeler, killing both after a fire breaks out in their car.  Flash forward two weeks, and Malus--still on leave from the department for stress-related symptoms--gets a letter from his ex-fiancée Willow (Kate Beahan), who has a problem: her young child, Rowan, has gone missing in the community they live at somewhere off the coast of the state of Washington.  Edward, in an effort to help, gets to the island, only to find that the island is run by some leftovers of Paradise Island (where that Wonder Woman chick used to hang), and everyone there is bent on not assisting into the investigation of the missing child.  But, as Edward gets deeper into the mystery, you know that something's up, and just where the hell is that kid being held?

Here's all you need to know--after the initial 20 minutes, this movie goes slowly but surely right down the fucking shitter.  Now I'm seeing why this was not made available to critics until the night before reviews could be sent out--what a dog this movie is!  Cage seems hell-bent on making "The Wicker Man" more camp than thriller, and as a producer of this mess, one assumes that both he and LaBute were going hard to run this thing right into the ground.  The cast (mainly women on the island; the few men that are there don't seem to do much talking) is pretty bad, and they just don't seem to be all that spooky given how things eventually turn out for everyone involved.  There are no real scares, although a couple of the visuals are a little weird...but, none are as shocking as the kicker, when Malus must don a bear suit late in the film in a final effort to retrieve Rowan.  Wow, people were just howling in my theater when this happened...was the intent here comedy, or horror?

This one is pretty bad; it's not a bad-looking film and there are some laughs, but overall, this fucking blows.

Rating:  Rental


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