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"Waist Deep"

Directed by Vondie Curtis-Hall.
Written by Darin Scott and Vondie Curtis-Hall.
Starring Tyrese Gibson, Meagan Good, Larenz Tate and The Game.
Release Year:  2006
Review Date:  7/11/06


Why the hell did I go see "Waist Deep"?  Because I fucking love urban thrillers with rap stars, that's why!  You have to admit, you WANT to change your name to "The Game" too, don't you?  DON'T YOU!!!

In the latest Tyrese Gibson thriller, our man Tyrese stars as Otis (known on the streets as "O2" me on this), who just got a security job after spending time in the joint for the last six years.  On the way home from work one day, he picks up his little boy (H. Hunter Hall) and attempts to drive back to his office to drop off his gun (not sure why Otis's parole officer allowed him to take a job where he has a gun either) when--BAM!--he gets jacked by a thug who works for Meat (The Game), a local gangster that runs shit in the particular part of LA where all of the action takes place.  Oh, only one problem--the jacker takes off with the car and doesn't realize that Otis's kid is still in the back seat, so it's up to Otis to track down the car, his kid, Meat, and redemption.  With the help of his cousin Lucky (Larenz Tate) and a ridiculous hot street seller (Meagan Good), Otis is going after his boy!

Alright, the movie is mostly bad, ridden with clichés and The Game's bad-guy posing.  Tyrese has talent--he is usually a great presence, especially in "Baby Boy"--but he is wasted here as the vigilante-type that has nowhere to turn.  Tate has also been much better very often but as a hopped-up gang member, he doesn't register as well as normal...really, the film's highlight is Good, who gives the film sex appeal even if I'm still not sure if she can act or not.  Doesn't matter, since the camera spends so much time hugging her curves; I can imagine "Waist Deep" being a BIG hit in a packed house with all of the love the camera gives Good over the course of the movie.  There's a little action, a couple of laughs, a couple of bank robberies as Otis and the girl try to score some cash to win back his kid.  But mostly, it's a waste, nothing more so than the ending, which is rife with horseshit and ends even horseshittier, if that's even a word (I'm guessing that it isn't).

The soundtrack hits hard, with "Bad Girl" by Black Buddafly coming throughout the running time.  The look is gritty, even if it is familiar; the film feels tougher than it is, especially when you add in the ridiculous eyes of The Game, which kept me thinking, does his right eye REALLY do that?  But almost everything else about "Waist Deep" is garbage, so at least my low expectations were met.

Rating:  Rental


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