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"Undercover Brother"

Directed by Malcolm D. Lee.
Written by John Ridley and Michael McCullers.  Based on an Internet series by Ridley.
Starring Eddie Griffin, Aunjanue Ellis, Denise Richards and Dave Chappelle.
Release Year:  2002
Review Date:  6/10/02


Let it be known—“Undercover Brother” does NOT use all of its good jokes in the trailer.

The funniest preview I think I have ever seen turns into the best pure comedy of the year.  Eddie Griffin, star of the atrocious “Double Take” from last year, plays Undercover Brother, a rogue do-gooder that has a huge Afro and an even bigger belt buckle.  When agents from the all-black spy agency BROTHERHOOD run into UB while in action, they recruit him for a mission to take down The Man, a white guy (I know, shocking) that has brainwashed a black presidential candidate (Billy Dee Williams), into not running for office and instead starting a fried chicken joint.

“Undercover Brother” has a so-so first 30 minutes, with a lot of setup and some way-over-the-top black stereotypes.  But...

...those last 60 minutes...are FUCKING hilarious!!

Basically, once UB goes undercover on the mission, the movie is straight Opening Weekend.  Among the highlights:

--The soundtrack

I can’t think of the last time a soundtrack was so perfect for a film.  If it’s on CD, you need it.  Period.

--Neil Patrick Harris

In a world where great actors say comedy is the hardest medium and the Academy never rewards it, the former “Doogie Howser, MD” should be nominated for his work in “Undercover Brother.”  Seriously, he is great here, and I laughed at his every line.  And, when he wails “Daddy!”...

--The funny scenes from the trailer are still funny in the movie

When the guys in the BROTHERHOOD office ask UB what it was like to sleep with white temptress Penelope Snow (Denise Richards), listen for what The Chief (Chi McBride, “Boston Public”)!  And, that catfight/shower scene between Richards and UB’s love interest (Aunjanue Ellis) is still just as funny in its entirety.

--Dave Chappelle

Comedian Chappelle, who plays Conspiracy Brother in the film, is funny as hell, and is essentially doing an extension of his famous stand-up act.  Plus, he is as racist as any character in PG-13 film history has ever been.  Racism in comedies:  good!

--Funny bonus scenes

You have to stay until the very end of the film’s credits, but there is some good stuff in there if you are patient.

Hey, you’ve got to come in with an open mind, but “Undercover Brother” is some funny stuff.  And, if you like blaxploitation films or kung-fu films or black culture in general, you’ll get even more out of this film’s many quick-hit jokes.

Rating:  $9.00 Show


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