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"Transporter 3"

Directed by Olivier Megaton.
Written by Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen.
Starring Jason Statham, Natalya Rudakova, and Robert Knepper.
Release Year:  2008

Review Date:  12/2/08


I don't think I have ever seen Gordon "The Professional" Stokes this angry.

As is my custom, I sat through the end credits of "Transporter 3" asking questions to see what he thought about the movie.  And, it wasn't that he didn't just not like this, he fucking hated it.  But, it was the passion with which he described how angry he was that made me wince; damn, I thought, this is the kind of thing that leads people to drive home angry and "accidentally" run over small children.

Make no mistake, friends--the first "Transporter" film was escapist entertainment, ridiculous, watchable, mildly amusing, good action sequences.  "Transporter 2" was bad, but it has maybe three scenes that absolutely must be watched to appreciate how far movies can take the term "extreme action."  While that sequel was bad, it was the kind of bad that was fun-bad, like any cheesy action movie that has stuff so silly you just have to believe the people who made the movie know what we know, that this horseshit is crazy.

In "Transporter 3", our man Frank Martin is back.  Martin (Jason Statham) is a former Special Forces guy who now goes fishing for fun, but he is dragged back into a life of driving Audis for cash when an American "consultant" (Robert Knepper) kidnaps Frank and forces him to drive a woman named Valentina (Natalya Rudakova) all over Europe in order to force an environmental official (Jeroen Krabbé) to sign paperwork that would allow eight tankers to drop hazardous materials in a bay near the Ukraine.  I think.

Oh, and one other thing--the "consultant" has rigged Frank's Audi with a sensor that will make explosives go off in a bracelet that Frank and Valentina are wearing IF either of them goes 75 feet away from the car.  The logic of this is great, but it would have been better if, say, any of the filmmakers paid attention to how far 75 feet really is.

The film is flat-out awful.  The action scenes fucking suck--fight scenes in this film and many others mimic the seasickness I experienced watching Jason Bourne fight anyone in any of those films--and the girl is absolutely atrocious.  Rudakova is such a poor actress that she makes her scenes tough to stomach; that, and she wasn't that sexy to me, but she is made out to be damn near the sexiest thing that Martin has ever seen.  The soundtrack features good music in the wrong order (other "Transporter" films had similar problems; this appears to be a Luc Besson thing); beautiful scenery is so underpopulated that it is shooting a movie on open roads.  (Imagine that!)  There are long stretches where we are forced to watch Frank talk to Valentina, not my idea of good times; Statham is still fun to watch in action but even he looks bored with this franchise.

"Transporter 3" is bad, bad shit...I still can't believe that no one has offered Statham the keys to a "Matrix" or "Die Hard"-like franchise, because the guy's got charisma.  As such, I'll have to keep enjoying him in shitastic films like this one!

Rating:  Hard Vice


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