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Directed by Jeffrey Nachmanoff.
Written by Jeffrey Nachmanoff and Steve Martin.
Starring Don Cheadle, Guy Pearce, Neal McDonough and Sad Taghmaoui.
Release Year:  2008

Review Date:  9/1/08


"Traitor" showed up in theaters so quietly that I never even saw a trailer for it.  Not one, all summer long!  There was, however, a poster for the film at the theater I normally hit in Gaithersburg, so in wasting some time and money this weekend at the movie theater, I figured, why not give my man Don Cheadle a shot???

Well, "Traitor" is a mixed bag.  It's weird, really--you get Cheadle playing Samir Horn, a Sudan-born, U.S.-raised bomber who is captured in Yemen with other Middle Eastern terrorists and put in jail for what appears to be a life sentence.  You get a decent number of plot twists, Guy Pearce playing another American, Jeff Daniels in what can only be called a throwaway role, and a script co-written by Steve Martin...yes, THAT Steve Martin.

The whole thing adds up to a so-so time at the movies, though.  Cheadle brings his normal charisma to this very complicated part--in fact, I can't think off the top of my head of a more overwritten, complex character than his Horn, who in addition to the upbringing has a deeply religious background, a double-agent type thing going on, a conscience to not kill innocents but to let innocents die right in front of him, and at one point the option of going to prison for the rest of his life...and, taking it!  His character aside, though, the other aspects of this film are fairly run-of-the-mill, and if anyone besides Cheadle was playing this lead character, I think "Traitor" would have made for a long two-hour experience in the theater.

That's because Pearce is playing a fed who essentially is left with those funny operational scenes that feature people reacting to camera feeds, or reading Horn's incredible background profile, or interrogating suspects.  And, the terrorists here are not very interesting, and they are running what is quickly becoming the standard playbook for Middle Eastern terrorists in Hollywood films...I'll admit that our choices are limited these days.  All bad guys fall into the following categories:

  • Middle Eastern terrorists, the jihad, Muslims in general;

  • Yakuza, Asian gangs/terrorists in general;

  • Eastern Europeans, typically Russian types, although strangely, a number of these films are shot in the Czech Republic, since it's so cheap to operate there.

I kind of miss the Nazis in a way, but now, our new movie Nazi is a Muslim terrorist who has a major grudge against the American way of life.  Yawn.

"Traitor" isn't bad, but hey, it could use some work, too.

Rating:  Matinee


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