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Directed by Catherine Hardwicke.
Written by Catherine Hardwicke and Nikki Reed.
Starring Evan Rachel Wood, Nikki Reed and Holly Hunter.
Release Year:  2003 

Review Date:  9/3/03 


Ahh, I remember being 13 years old.  I was a loser (hopefully, that has changed), had the braces, glasses that were so large you couldn’t tell I had cheekbones, and I was gangly as all get out.  For kicks after school, I used to play Lazer Tag with my boys Chi-hung, Jeff Wang and Denny Adams; on weekends, our foursome would go to Putt-Putt Golf and Games for Super Saturdays.  You know the drill:  unlimited golf, 20 tokens, the hot dog and the Coke, all for something sick, like $7 from 8 AM – noon every Saturday of the year.  I came home from school, did my homework, played video games, and on certain nights and weekends, played Little League ball.  I had some female friends, but I was certainly not “hangin’ out” with any females, if you know what I mean.  But, I remember seventh grade being some good times.

Ahh, “Thirteen.”  Smart, nice, attractive Tracy (Evan Rachel Wood; don’t worry, I didn’t think there were any girls named “Evan” either) likes her loser friends but would love to trade up, so she makes advances towards super-cool hottie Evie (Nikki Reed) with hopes of changing her social class for the better.  After proving herself by jacking a wallet from a woman’s purse on Rodeo Drive, Evie allows Tracy into her circle, much to the chagrin of her struggling single-mom beautician (Holly Hunter), who senses that things are about to get intense with Evie around, and boy, is she right.  Shoplifting is just the tip of the iceberg, as we ride the Grizzly with this terrible twosome through drug use, drug dealing, rampant sex acts, unnecessary dieting, self-inflicted torture, and more over the course of its 90-minute running time.

In fact, by the time we meet Evie’s “guardian” Brooke (Deborah Unger) and learn that Brooke has had, I was in shock overload and was wishing the film would figure out a way to turn it down a notch.  Not because the things Tracy goes through were too intense for me, I just didn’t see where director Catherine Hardwicke would take her film towards any logical conclusion.  I can believe that there are girls like this out there, but as I described in the first paragraph, I am as far from what these girls are as is possible, so by the THIRD FUCKING SCENE where Tracy is cutting her arms with some scissors because she is upset, I literally turned to my friend Lauren and said “Okay, I get that she needs to cut herself.  Why did I need to see that again?”  As you can imagine, all of the parents drink or smoke in this film as ways to forget themselves; Evie has a seemingly endless string of coke she deals to other kids in school; where does she get it?  I don’t know much about belly-button piercings, but it felt like something was glazed over after THAT scene in the film.  Tracy gets attacked by two girls after school; for what?  They’re never seen again.  “24” star Sarah Clarke shows up as a friend of the Hunter character; Clarke’s character just seems to kind of be around, like she had a bigger part but it was partially cut in the editing room.  You have random scenes with chickens, pigs, deadbeat dads and Kip Pardue, with the best line of the film:

“Yeah, right...jailbait!!”

The film is very well-acted; although it was frequently ridiculous, the performance by Wood was truly remarkable and Hunter was in fine form.  I was intrigued by the fact that these two white girls only hook up or have sex with black guys throughout the film and no one makes any note of this; I didn’t need an explanation, I just was surprised by how that element was handled.  The soundtrack is great, and the shaky-camera cinematography worked with this kind of movie.  As an added bonus, you have a scene where one character uses the C-word on another for no apparent reason.  LOVE useless profanity.

But, I just left the theater feeling like “Thirteen” was way overdone for shock value.  This might be the most overrated film of the summer.  Alright, but not great.

Rating:  Matinee


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