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"The Terminal"

Directed by Steven Spielberg.
Written by Sacha Gervasi and Jeff Nathanson.
Starring Tom Hanks, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Stanley Tucci.
Release Year:  2004

Review Date:  7/6/04


Jennifer and I stopped in to the local multiplex on a rainy day to see "The Terminal", and even on the way in, Jennifer knew the score.

"Well, hopefully, this will be okay," she started in.  "Reviews haven't been too good!"

And, she was right, as I thought, as many critics thought..."The Terminal" is incredibly average, in almost new and creative ways given the pedigree of the people involved.  For all of his genius, Steven Spielberg has, with this and "Catch Me If You Can", really moved into an interesting stage of his career; one could argue that he hasn't made a great film in six years, as "Minority Report" and "A.I." haven't exactly set the world on fire.  Tom Hanks, playing a vaguely Russian/Czech/Polish guy named Victor from Krakozhia, a made-up place somewhere in Eastern Europe, isn't very interesting and gets a mild chuckle for his antics here and there throughout the film, but not much more.  Catherine Zeta-Jones, who seems to grow more beautiful every film even IF I didn't think she could look any better after seeing "Intolerable Cruelty", almost needs to give her Oscar back after some of the dogshit acting she puts on for her work in "The Terminal."  Really, some of it is that bad.

But, throughout the l o n g journey we take with Victor as he tries to find a way out of JFK Airport in New York City, the filmmakers do build up some genuine charm in the Victor character, his situation, and why he came to New York in the first place.  And, I give a lot of the film's credit to its sharp supporting cast, led by Chi McBride, Diego Luna (from one of my faves, "Y Tu Mama Tambien") and Kumar Pallana as the janitor Gupta, who has a couple of great lines and even better mugs to the camera.  As a group of the airport's service workers, these three make many of the tweener sequences work, with some great chemistry and some funny gags, like a hammy dinner sequence late in the film with our two leads.  Even the folks that work in all of those airport outlet stores are funny too...this is important to pad your flick with some good stuff to fill in the cracks, especially when your main story seems to have nowhere to go about 30 minutes into the film.

How is this film so average?  I still can't figure it out.  What I do know is that about fifteen minutes after leaving the theater, I had completely forgotten what some of the characters' names were in "The Terminal"...which, maybe speaks louder than any more babbling from me.

Rating:  Matinee


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