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"The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3"

Directed by Tony Scott.
Written by Brian Helgeland.  Based on the novel by John Godey.
Starring Denzel Washington, John Travolta, John Turtorro and James Gandolfini.
Release Year:  2009

Review Date:  6/16/09


Sometimes, they should just leave well enough alone.

The original movie version of "The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3" was a 1970s thriller with some laughs thanks to a ho-hum performance by Walter Matthau as a New York City transit supervisor who witnesses a subway train hijacking at the hands of four hardened criminals.  It was not great, but it did have a great score and it had 1970s over-the-top acting by its bit players.  The remake of this film--based, like the original, on a novel by John Godey--is unnecessarily profane like movies USED to be; it doesn't have much action but when anyone gets shot, they get lit the hell up; it again features four criminals, but this time, one of them is not only a bad guy fresh outta prison, but he's fresh outta prison for...white collar financial crimes???  So, he hijacks a subway train???

I'm getting ahead of myself here.  Hostage films generally don't do it for me, but I like to give everyone a fair shake; what the updated version of "The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3" does have going for it is a more believable lead in Denzel Washington as disgraced NYC transit cop Walter Garber.  This time around, he's been given a backstory--he happens to get the ransom/demands call from the lead baddie named Ryder (John Travolta, doing a mix of his baddies from "Broken Arrow" and "The Punisher") a few days after being charged with taking a bribe at an industry trade show.  So, he's in a fragile state when he gets the call from Ryder, and some of the dialogue between the two men is not bad.  This is the major improvement over the original film.

The rest of this, though?  Uhh, not good.

James Gandolfini plays the New York City mayor in a way similar to how he's portrayed in the previous film--as someone mildly puts it, he's quite the douchebag.  Gandolfini looks terrible (not to mention, terribly miscast) and adds nothing to this throwaway's to hoping that his post-"Sopranos" career doesn't consistently look like this!  John Turturro plays a cop or a NYCTP higher-up that also gives us nothing throughout his brief screen was almost like the movie was shot on location in New York City and somebody said "Hey, you wanna see if Turturro's at home right now?  Muthafucka works for free anyway..."  Even scenes like the movie's scattershot intro could have been better if someone told director Tony Scott (the director of hyper-stylized fare such as "Spy Game" and "Domino", now that he's post-"Top Gun") to actually play Jay-Z's "99 Problems" straight through, instead of cutting it into four pieces.

There isn't much action; Luis Guzman shows up and utters like four lines as one of the principal bad guys (the other two have basically no lines); even the dude that played Chris on "The Wire" has a throwaway role here.  There were a couple of funny moments whenever the Travolta character just ends scenes with lines like "I'm getting off the fucking phone, motherfucker!!", but then you mix that with a subplot featuring a girl who demands that her boyfriend say "I love you" during an chat session on the boyfriend's laptop, while providing the world with a glimpse of the terrorist situation on the subway train.  Ugh.

I talked to my friend Chi over the weekend and I told him he needed to see it because despite the slight improvement in the lead character, there were a lot of people collecting a LOT of fucking checks in this movie.  I mean, come on, how dumb do we look here???

Rating:  Rental


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