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"Take Care of Your Scarf, Tatiana"

Directed by Aki Kaurismäki.
Written by Aki Kaurismäki and Sakke Järvenpää.
Starring Kati Outinen and Matti Pellonpää.
Release Year:  1994 

Review Date:  7/16/03 


My friend Heidi and her boyfriend Boaz were up for a flick Sunday, but not one of the Hollywood blockbuster variety.  Oh no, she wanted to see something…oh, Finnish.

Fucking Finns!

Actually, I got this invite because I loved Finn director Aki Kaurismaki’s most recent film, “A Man Without a Past”, and the Pacific Film Archive was doing screenings of Aki’s older works in Berkeley, so I wanted to hang out and see what else the man had to offer.  As it turned out, I can say that at least the company was quite nice.

The 1994 “Take Care of Your Scarf, Tatiana” is bleak, much like “Past” was bleak, but features characters that just don’t connect.  You have a coffee addict that loves to sew (Mato Valtonen), a mechanic that loves to pound moonshine (Matti Pellonpaa), and two women who need to get to a boat within a couple of days:  a Russian (Kirsi Tykkylainen) and an Estonian named Tatiana (played by recent Cannes Best Actress winner Kati Outinen).  The whole of the movie--and, by “whole”, I mean 45 of the film’s 60-minute total running time; I thought “Passenger 57” was short!--is spent with these four characters driving around, not talking but getting to know each other through habit.

I did love the sparse details of Kaurismaki’s framing; this is a Finland that feels desolate, quiet, unpopulated, and without much of an ambient soundtrack things are quiet throughout.  The director clearly loves American rock-and-roll, though, so we get a couple of strange, quirky-yet-misplaced sequences with the characters rockin’ out to tunes they hear on the radio or at a nighttime gathering.  It reminds you of a scene out of “Twin Peaks” more than your most recent Saturday night, and I thought that was a bad thing for this film.

There are some sparse funny moments, but otherwise, the film is mostly forgettable.  Be sure to check out “The Man Without a Past”, though; a great film featuring many of the same elements with much better execution.

Rating:  Rental


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