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Directed by Greg Mottola.
Written by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg.
Starring Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Bill Hader.

Release Year:  2007
Review Date:  7/24/07


The movie doesn't open for another month, but thanks to multiple freebies being run by the releasing studio "Superbad" is pretty easy to catch between now and August 17th...and, believe you me, whether you pay for this movie or not, you are going to fucking love this muthafuckin' movie.

I say "muthafuckin' movie" because the rampant profanity in this movie will make you drop more f-bombs for a few hours after you see it; like any movie that gets into you, "Superbad" features so many uses of the word "fuck" and "dick" (when you see the movie, you'll see what I mean) that I'm about to run out and just start yelling both words for no good reason right now.  Following the exploits of three high school friends on one of the last days of their high school career, "Superbad" is only concerned with showing just how funny life can be when you are an absolute loser and you are shameless in your love for those kooky buddies of yours.  There's Seth (Jonah Hill), an overweight sex-crazed lunatic whose penchant for dropping f-bombs at the speed of light is getting out of hand; he's the only one of this threesome who did not get into Dartmouth, so he already knows that he'll be facing life on his own at the local state college when he isn't getting stomped by jocks and other cool types at high school.  There's Evan (Michael Cera, from "Arrested Development"), an incredibly uncomforting nerd whose awkwardness is oddly matched with his talent for treating women with the utmost respect at the strangest moments...and, there's Fogell (Christopher Mintz-Plasse), who has just gotten a fake ID that will allow him to buy alcohol for a party hosted by Jules (Emma Stone), the girl of Seth's dreams who may have a special present for Seth this evening ONLY if he delivers on the demands of buying alcohol for the party.

Where this one sits is tough...but, at this point, it's the second-best movie I've seen this year, just barely above "Hot Fuzz" for me because I laughed for almost all of the film's running time.  I can't think of a single thing that didn't work for me's profane, but in the way that makes you believe this is how kids talk, not profanity for the sake of it.  The chemistry between our three leads--and, most importantly, between Cera and Hill--is fantastic, and as characters Evan is the perfect match for Seth, and vice versa.  The quirky music choices ring true with the other two major Judd Apatow movies ("The 40-Year-Old Virgin" and "Knocked Up"), which works; the pacing is excellent, the laughs are big and consistent, the side characters are great, led by Seth Rogen (Ben from "Knocked Up") and Bill Hader as two cops out to have a good time between busts; Stone and Martha MacIsaac are also funny as the love interests of Seth and Evan (even IF MacIsaac looks EXACTLY like Jena Malone, but hey, who's talking).

All of this, and one of the most randomly hilarious things ever pops up in "Superbad"--you'll know it when it happens (since it apparently happens with about 8% of all young boys), and the mileage this joke gets is surprisingly good.  Usually run-on jokes die off after a while, but not this one...damn.  Since I know at least one person who didn't like "Knocked Up", I'm sure there will be folks who don't like "Superbad"...but, they won't be friends of mine!!

Rating:  Opening Weekend


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"Hard Vice":  This rating is the bottom of the barrel.  A movie that only six other human beings have witnessed, this is the worst movie I have ever seen.  A Shannon Tweed "thriller," it is so bad as to be funny during almost every one of its 84 minutes, and includes the worst ending ever put into a movie.  Marginally worse than "Cabin Boy", "The Avengers" or "Leonard, Part 6", this rating means that you should avoid this movie at all costs, or no costs, EVEN IF YOU CAN SEE IT FOR FREE!  (Warning:  strong profanity will be used in all reviews of "Hard Vice"-rated movies.)

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