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"The Stepford Wives"

Directed by Frank Oz.
Written by Paul Rudnick.  Based on the book by Ira Levin.
Starring Nicole Kidman, Matthew Broderick, Christopher Walken and Glenn Close.
Release Year:  2004
Review Date:  6/13/04

From what I have heard about the novel "The Stepford Wives", it is supposed to be black comedy to its fullest--an interesting look at what happens when the men in traditional marriages get sick and tired of being second fiddle to smarter, more athletic, more successful wives.  The biggest difference, then, between the novel and the latest film update of the tome is that there is no "black" in the 2004 version of the comedy.

If this was intentional, it doesn't work, as the modern update of the novel gives us many funny lines at the expense of corporate America, or puppies, or Connecticut, but there is really nothing dark about the happenings in this movie.  Nicole Kidman stars as Joanna, an über-successful TV entertainment president that is fired from her network job following an ill-advised pilot on her network.  Seeking to make her newly-deposed wife feel better--and to repair a marriage that is on the rocks--Joanna's husband Walter (Matthew Broderick, perfectly cast) moves the family from Manhattan to a small town in Connecticut called Stepford.  After moving into their well-appointed new mansion, Joanna meets many of the women of Stepford and starts to realize that something is REALLY whacked out about just how perfect all of the women seem to be; of course, Walter seems to think things are perfectly fine, and the twosome try to figure out if staying in Stepford for life can be a happy medium or not.

Selecting Frank Oz to direct "The Stepford Wives" might be the thing that seals the fate of the book translation almost right away; the man directed "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" and "Bowfinger", two of my faves over the years because they are simply hilarious.  This whole comedy-with-a-twist thing, though, is really not his specialty, and so we get a number of funny quips (one character witnessing a train wreck of a living room mess:  "What, are you making anthrax?") but not a lot of undertone...for whatever reason, it doesn't feel like anything is building towards anything else.  We get the token funny gay stereotype, in Roger (Roger Bart), who does lend much to his scenes, and the loudmouth Bobbie (Bette Midler), the author-wife of a loser that Joanna spends a lot of her time hangin' with.  But, you don't really like or get into any of them, and since they are the heroes in this thing, you'd like to have some reason to get into their characters.

That never comes.  Also, some of the jokes really fall flat, Christopher Walken is made a non-factor (rare), and the ending of "The Stepford Wives" feels--like my buddy Chi "Blow'd Up" Szeto joked afterwards--like a cable puller was asked to fill in the blanks after the film gets itself in a big hole.  (Director and screenwriter to cable puller:  "Hey, uh, we REALLY need help with our ending...any ideas?")  Now, maybe the ending was like that in the book, but if so, somebody ought to be shot, because the ending had our theater groaning in disapproval as folks walked out of the theater.  The flipside of this is that "The Stepford Wives" is very watchable throughout; it moves quickly, it was impressively shot, the women and their patterns of movement really do make the spectacle of these women in action look 100% ridiculous.  Also, this film has got one of the funniest-sounding orgasms in recent film history.  For a PG-13, this is commendable!

Kidman is playing a part here that is good for those like myself that have begun to suffer from Kidman Overexposure; her occasionally weak Joanna is well played, and even slightly believable once she arrives in the Stepford haven...and, it led to me not quietly hating what a huge star she has become over the last three years or so.  Bart and Broderick do some decent work, and again, the little one-liners and quips in this film are occasionally very funny.  But overall, I could have done without "The Stepford Wives", a periodically cool but ultimately pedestrian flick.

Rating:  Matinee


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