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"Stay Alive"

Directed by William Brent Bell.
Written by William Brent Bell and Matthew Peterman.
Starring Jon Foster, Samaire Armstrong, Frankie Muniz and Adam Goldberg.
Release Year:  2006
Review Date:  3/27/06


Here's the thing about complete fucking dogshit--I fucking love it.

And, in even considering dropping $6 at the theater behind my apartment building to watch the new death-by-video-game soft-core horror flick "Stay Alive", you have to have the mindset going in that not only could your movie of choice suck, but it could cross into uncharted shitastic territory.  "Stay Alive" is bad, but not legendary in its shittiness like you would hope for a movie aspiring to Hard Vice status.

Hutch (Jon Foster, a major star who starred as "Gas Station Attendant" in "T3" a few years back) has got a problem--one of his best friends died after playing a strange horror survival game just the other night, and now that he has a copy of the game in his hands, he decides to play it with some friends of his...and, in a shocking turn of events, everyone that played the game starts dying in real life in ways similar to how they died in the game!  Holy fucking shit!  An amazingly dumb film ensues.

Seriously, "Stay Alive"--another in the long line of new-fangled "horror" films that somehow is only violent enough for a PG-13 rating--is pretty fucking bad, thanks to B-list stars like Frankie Muniz and Adam Goldberg showing up just long enough to die onscreen or a premise so crazy unrealistic that even I spent time wondering how someone could write a script about a video game that seems to have no programmers, no testers, no marketing department and no publishing company.  Further, the logic of the game is all fucked up; wow, the story for this shit is bad.

And, giving us not many scares but a couple of kills that seem like they are pretty violent, "Stay Alive" never really scared me.  Oh, look, that one guy walked into the road and got hit by a made-up horse-and-buggy that showed up on a road where no other cars seem to be...and, NO ONE discovered the body for minutes while the others drove around looking for this dumbass.  Oh, look, that woman has got some badass shears...oops, she just killed someone, blah blah blah.  "Stay Alive" needs blood and guts to be at least a little more effective, but with a PG-13 we don't really even get shots of each murder.  Boo.

Wow, I don't even want to write about this bullshit, it was so bad.  But, I'm glad I saw it, because now I can pad the stats as I move into the second quarter.

Rating:  Hard Vice


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