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Directed by Jeffrey Blitz.
Release Year:  2002 
Review Date:  8/8/03 


Finally got over to the Embarcadero Theaters near my office to check out “Spellbound”, the Oscar-nominated documentary about the 1999 National Spelling Bee…and, oh yeah, this is great stuff.

The film follows eight participants that competed in the Bee that year; they range from child prodigy to…well, child prodigy to child prodigy, and it is interesting meeting the parents of each child as they get caught up in the spelling craze in their various hometowns in Texas, Missouri, Florida, New Jersey and more.  After obligatory bio pieces are done on all eight kids, we get to the Bee itself, which takes place in Washington, DC and featured 249 students that year.  Like a great horror film, “Spellbound” keeps us hooked as kids get offed and the pool of 249 kids get worked down all the way to just one national champion.

The pacing of director Jeffrey Blitz’s film is excellent, as he cuts back and forth between kids getting words wrong and bits on the parents, or the Bee experience, or interviews of past Bee winners.  Blitz is helped along by his selection of the eight children; each kid has at least a little something intriguing about them, whether it was Ted’s school life, or Harry’s zaniness, or Nupur’s old spelling rivalry with three boys from her school.  I also loved watching some of the people talk about 1998 4th-place finisher Georgie, who had strange genius tendencies and was the crazy legendary word speller that everyone thought was a near-sure thing to win the ’99 championship.

In fact, being a former nerd-type, it was really funny watching some of these kids spell words; the dork factor in “Spellbound” is quite high, but it would have been even funnier if one of the former Bee champions is now, say, quarterback for the Chicago Bears or something like that.  Blitz is running through some former champions and all of them look like they cemented their stake in dorkdom; how great would it have been if he had found a former champion that went on to invent, say, internet porn or something like that?  Or a champ that went on to produce “Gymkata” or other crap-tastic action films from the 1980s?  I’m sure this version of the documentary will be on FOX one of these days.

I digress.  The best part about “Spellbound”?  I laughed every single time the Pronouncer read off a word that I had never heard of.  Whenever I watch the competition on ESPN, I love the words that these kids have to attempt to spell; in many cases, I have NEVER HEARD OF some of these words and these kids repeat them once and spell them without a hitch.  I would probably be booed off the stage if I tried to compete at one of those things, and I’m old compared to these kids.  There was one point late in “Spellbound” where a character has to spell a word that had roots in some crazy Norwegian dialect, and the girl was spelling it like she was guessing at every single letter…and she was right!  The look on her face was priceless; she finished with this look that said “I dunno…E-U-R-E??” and when she got the word right, she pumped the fist, and it was cool for everybody in the audience.

Good stuff; “Spellbound” has been out here for almost two months (after a 2002 release), so if it has already finished its theatrical run in your area, I am sure you can catch it on video soon.

Rating:  Opening Weekend


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