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"Southland Tales"

Directed by Richard Kelly.
Written by Richard Kelly.
Starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Seann William Scott, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Justin Timberlake.
Release Year:  2006
Review Date:  11/12/07


Let me put this to you as simply as possible--"Southland Tales", the new film by the guy that gave us "Donnie Darko", is bad.  No, it's fucking, no, wait--it's fucking atrocious.  How bad was "Southland Tales"?  For the free full-house showing that my friend Ross and I attended tonight, literally a third of the viewing audience walked out of our theater by the time the movie ended.

You always get a couple of folks who walk out of a film before it's over, but this was damn near a mass exodus.  There's a reason for that--"Southland Tales" was really fucking poor.

An ensemble piece that draws a picture of a distant future...whoops, that "distant" future is Los Angeles in July of 2008.  The GOP has screwed the country over and a major action film star (played by The Rock) has discovered a plot by the government to...well, it gets tricky here, but a cop (Seann William Scott, who worked with The Rock back in "The Rundown") has been cloned and now exists in two dimensions, a porn star (Sarah Michelle Gellar) is posing as the action star's wife, an underground movement led by a radical named Dream (Amy Poehler) is attempting to overthrow the government, and a former soldier (Justin Timberlake) likes to get high and has a really nasty scar.

Oh, and if you think that's random, I haven't even gotten to the fact that John Fucking Larroquette is in this movie!!!!

As many of you know, I was not a "Donnie Darko" fan; I've never been a fan of films that try to be weird for the sake of it.  "Southland Tales" will be tough to stomach even for the staunchest of Richard Kelly fans, because not only does the film make no sense, it doesn't even register on the "why was this film ever made" scale through its way-too-long 140-minute running time.  I mean, Christopher Lambert plays a gun runner in this movie...Christopher Lambert, whose last screen role was "Highlander: Endgame."  Embarrassing.  Cheri Oteri, the crazy cheerleader actress from "Saturday Night Live" of late, plays one of the radicals in this movie...atrocious.  This near-future vision is full of randomly-unfathomable violence, then full of randomly-unfunny sexual references (although, I have to admit, it's amusing that Gellar would play a character who would star in a mock porn film called "Cockchuggers 2").  The film never really gets to a funny mocking of today's politics, or today's overuse of advertising, or Hollywood, or police brutality, or good science fiction.

It's a mess, in every sense of the word; when people were leaving our theater, all of them had this shellshocked look on their face, as if even being prepared for weird they had been weirded-out by what had just happened.  "Southland Tales" was finished quite a while ago, so waiting to put it in theaters this long has to be a sign that the studios who greenlit this affair knew what I now know, that a movie has to have some semblance of a point in order to be salable to the viewing public.  This is the new front-runner for worst film of the year. 

Rating:  Hard Vice


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