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Directed by Lee Daniels.
Written by William Lipz.
Starring Cuba Gooding Jr., Helen Mirren, Vanessa Ferlito and Stephen Dorff.
Release Year:  2006
Review Date:  7/19/06


Free keeps coming right at me, and in the case of "Shadowboxer", the cast and the setup alone guaranteed that I would check this one out:  a hitman named Mikey (Cuba Gooding Jr.) and his partner Rose (Helen Mirren, the 60-something former Oscar nominee!!) try to complete the hit of a crime boss's wife (Vanessa Ferlito, who was on "24" a couple seasons back) but can't...because the wife's pregnant!  And suddenly, they have a conscience!  You know that eventually, the crime boss (Stephen Dorff) is going to come after these guys...right?

Directed by Lee Daniels, who had a hand in "Monster's Ball", "Shadowboxer" is easily some of the most random shit in a film this year.  Whether it's up-and-comer Joseph Gordon-Levitt ("Brick") as a white on-the-take mob doctor that dabbles in sex with large black women (in this case, Mo'Nique), or a bevy of death and strong violence--including a pool cue in the ass--or a hitman that moves to the suburbs and enjoys playing with Legos with his kid, the film keeps you awake, that's for sure.  The storyline of Mikey and Rose and their strange relationship kind of freaked me out a little bit, and I think the same can be said for our sold-out audience, since about a dozen people walked out of this thing.  (Well, the Mikey/Rose thing, and a random shot of Dorff's Dong kind of got me, happily jimmied up as he bangs the living hell out of a prostitute.)

The film is interesting, but never THAT interesting; I liked the Gooding performance (a model of restraint, after a number of roles that have him jumping all over the place) and Dorff is Dorff as the bad guy...he's easily one of the worst actors available, but in a film where Macy Gray goes out of her fucking way to underperform, Dorff might have a shot at an Oscar here.

(Note: Ross and I walked out of the theater and both of us were stunned at two things.  First, how bad Gray looks in this film.  And second, while I'm okay with her music, she needs to hang it up when it comes to acting.  She is INSTANTLY a candidate for Worst Performance at next year's, she is bad.  I was waiting for her to get killed off every second she was on film.)

The violence does feel unnecessary at times, but you'll take a guy getting a pool cue in the ass over one of the sex scenes in this film, which some people will think is a brilliant counterprogramming move...but, not me.  My skin was crawling when our two hit-heroes are about to get it on...oh boy, I was uncomfortable during that moment.  I was actually hoping that somebody else might lose a finger or get blown away before I had to watch another one of those bad boys!  The strengths of the film lie in the developing, distant relationship between Mikey, Rose, the mob guy's wife and her newborn son, who we watch over the period of many years settle into a comfortable life on the run together.  (No, I don't get that either.)  You know how it is:  leave house, kill three people, come home, fix dinner, go through flash cards with seven-year-old.  No lie, this is "Shadowboxer" in a nutshell!

Well, the film is worth seeing, because it is so damned weird.  Wow, so random...

Rating:  Matinee


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