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Directed by James Wan.
Written by Leigh Whannell.
Starring Cary Elwes, Leigh Whannel, Danny Glover and Ken Leung.
Release Year:  2004 
Review Date:  11/15/04


I really thought that "Saw" was going to, why didn't it?

Maybe it's because somebody came up with a fairly cool idea, flipped the story around so most of it comes in flashback, and then drove it home with a great, great ending.  Who does that any more??

"Saw" starts out with two guys locked up in a room with a dead body, an unloaded gun and a tape recorder.  Through a couple of clues left by a shady psychopath, the two guys--Dr. Lawrence Gordon (Cary Elwes, who did "The Princess Bride" almost 20 years ago now) and Adam (Leigh Whannell, who also wrote the screenplay)--find a few more items in the room...including two hacksaws, which don't seem to cut through the chains keeping the men prisoner but DO seem to cut very well through human flesh...

...and, of course, there's more, but to not give it all away, you'll need to see what happens for yourself.  Here's the thing--"Saw" is surprisingly watchable, even if you don't enjoy watching some of the more grisly details of why the men are in the room in the first place or who this psychopath really is.  Man, there's just this absolutely nasty sequence where the killer has got this headress on a woman that must find a key for her contrapment in a dead body...that...well, isn't really dead yet...that...whoa.  Meanwhile, we get to learn more about what landed Adam and the doctor in the room, and this helps build the tension behind how the men are going to get outta there before a timeline is hit and both men are murdered by the killer.

Director James Wan (a rookie) does a great job of keeping things tense by giving us a couple of scares mixed with some really nasty stuff, too.  But, he's lucky to have some decent actors; Danny Glover does decent work with a throwaway part, and Elwes is his reliable self as the doctor faced with either letting himself die in his new mini-prison or killing his cellmate to save the lives of his family.  And the desolate feel of the cell where the two guys are being held is just perfect for all of this; you almost feel half sick to your stomach just watching the guys in that cell, waiting to die.

But, it's the ending that lifts "Saw" from Matinee to $9.50 Show; I like the twisty ending periodically if it really suits the film just right, but in "Saw" the ending is nearly perfect.  I mean, I was fairly happy when this thing was winding down, but then they just drop it on you, and you're like "Damn!  That was good, bro!"  Yeah, I was liking that shit alotsa.  Thought I had it fairly well figured out but didn't see that one coming; that kind of good, you know?

Hey, you're right, it's not going to win the Oscar, but I had a good time and "Saw" is very engaging.  Not for the squeamish, not at all.

Rating:  $9.50 Show


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