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Directed by Brian Dannelly.
Written by Brian Dannelly and Michael Urban.
Starring Jena Malone, Mandy Moore, Eva Amurri and Macaulay Culkin.
Release Year:  2004 
Review Date:  6/1/04


If you can get by the fact that your theater will be chock-full of young, YOUNG women who love both Mandy Moore AND Jena Malone, "Saved!" is a great time at the movies.

That's because the script by Brian Dannelly--at least, for the first hour--does a great job of mixing the politics of the modern-day Christian high school and the comedy of its current inhabitants in this fictional Baltimore County institution.  On one side, there are good Christians, like the angelic Hilary Faye (Moore) and her band of goody two-shoes disciples, who at the start of the film include Mary (Malone), a 17-year-old that isn't 100% sure that this Young Life-style teenhood is quite up her alley.  Hilary is convinced that prayer can solve any problem, from students that skip class, to drug use, to sexual urges, to...overcoming "faggotry", as one misinformed character hilariously drops somewhere mid-film.  Mary, who starts out as one of Hilary's best friends, gets pregnant via her suddenly-gay boyfriend (Chad Faust) and then goes through a harrowing senior year as she makes friends with a number of random kids at the school, like the head of the Christian Skateboarders Association, Patrick (Patrick Fugit), a Jewish transfer named Cassandra (Eva Amurri), even Hilary's crippled friend Roland (Macaulay Culkin).

Culkin, who hasn't been in much over the years since he topped out in the "Home Alone" series, shows here in "Saved!" that there might be a future ahead for his talents.  But his work is matched by almost everyone in the cast; the performances in "Saved!" are truly inspired, an ensemble that is very likable but has enough shades to give us some good guys, some bad guys and some grey guys.  Everywhere you turn, the acting is fantastic:  Amurri as the tortured outsider (clichéd as all get out, but still quite strong); Mary-Louise Parker as the mom that is too busy for her pregnant daughter; Martin Donovan as "Pastor Skip", who enters a school assembly by doing a flip, and then spittin' rhymes about The Lord...even Moore is fantastic, who turns in the film's strongest performance as the over-the-top Holy vixen Hilary.  You are shaking your head sometimes at how far she takes every bit of how prayer can solve the school's ills; her unflagging persistence is maybe the scariest thing in the movie.  I may have dissed Moore as an actress before, but I have to take it all back here...maybe the girl can do more than sing her ass off!

Like I said earlier, Dannelly does a great job of stringing this thing along for the first hour, but in the last 30 minutes of the film, you can just kind of feel "Saved!" running out of steam.  The religious commentary gives way to a by-the-number teen drama (How will Mary deal with her pregnancy?  Will she go to her prom?  Will teen love persevere?), and the ending cleans everything up so nicely you almost--ALMOST--want to hurl.  Also, in the film's biggest gaffe, Malone's character seems to not look pregnant until, oh, she's a week from having the baby.  Then the logic gives way; no one else seems to notice that Mary is preggers either, despite the fact that she should be weighing a bunch more than the 95 pounds she carries for 98% of the film.

I can forgive this, but just barely.  The acting and scripting is so rich in "Saved!"--especially in the first two-thirds of the movie--that I can recommend this one without sweatin' the technique.  Or whatever the kids say these days.

Rating:  $9.50 Show


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