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"Sarah Silverman: Jesus is Magic"

Directed by Liam Lynch.
Written by Sarah Silverman.
Starring Sarah Silverman, Brian Posehn, Laura Silverman and Bob Odenkirk.
Release Year:  2005
Review Date:  12/03/05


My buddy Yac and I went over to the E Street Cinema last week because we both wanted to laugh our ass off at some good, quality racism in the new film "Sarah Silverman: Jesus is Magic."

Please note: after careful review, this movie is amazingly unfunny.  And remember, I LOVE RACIST HUMOR.

Sarah Silverman, who really does reveal herself to be a one-trick pony in her self-titled stand-up film, is famous for being very Jewish, pretty hot (although I'm inclined to disagree with that, especially after watching her for a full 70 minutes) and unfathomably comfortable making you laugh at terribly un-PC humor.  Now, I have seen/heard Silverman before in bits and starts; you know, a bit on XM Radio here and there (five minutes), a bit of her stand-up on Comedy Central (maybe eight minutes), her scene from "The Aristocrats" telling her version of the joke.  In small doses, she can be quite funny.

My mistake was thinking that she could pull that off for a full hour, since "Jesus is Magic" is about 72 minutes long, with a few too many sketch sequences that were better left on the cutting room floor and almost no jokes that fall outside of her skill set (Silverman doesn't seem to be able to just say something funny without trying to offend).  Example: the film opens and closes with Silverman hangin' out with two of her "friends", who in real life are her sister Laura and Brian Posehn, a comic from the old "Mr. Show" days with Bob Odenkirk, who is also in this movie.  Both of these bookend sequences basically die on the operating table.  There's a scene where Silverman chastises Jews that buy German cars--admittedly, an interesting argument--but the song that she uses to do that is full of other offensive stuff, none of which got our sold-out audiences to laugh.  The musical sequence featuring old people was somewhat funny, but only because of a moment where Silverman mentions that it's not cold in the room, it's just that they are dying.  That scene got me mostly because there were real old people standing in as the audience in a senior-citizen home.

But for the most part, it was stunning how infrequently folks were laughing in this movie.  Normally, I might say that was because people were shocked by how offensive Silverman is...but, you don't come to the theater without having some feel for her normal comedy, which is to say things like

"The best time to get when you are a black teenager."

This, of course, will get you to start laughing until you regret that you've done it, and that's where Silverman can be good.  But, even that line didn't get the theater to lose it, and in a movie which by-and-large is a stand-up film, you need to have five or six whoppers that carry the rest of the movie.  Hell, "The Original Kings of Comedy" had some, "Bill Cosby: Himself" had a dozen, "Richard Pryor: Live in New York" had some, "Eddie Murphy: Raw" had some, Margaret Cho's "Notorious C.H.O." had some.  "Sarah Silverman: Jesus is Magic" has exactly zero big laugh scenes.  This is unacceptable for a stand-up movie that somebody thought was good enough to release in theaters.

Yac, for the first time ever, actually wanted to go a grade higher than I did.  I disagreed; man, this was bad.  And I dropped $10 to sit in the theater for just over an hour!!!

Rating:  Hard Vice


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