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"The Quiet"

Directed by Jamie Babbit.
Written by Abdi Nazemian and Micah Schraft.
Starring Camilla Belle, Elisha Cuthbert, Martin Donovan and Edie Falco.
Release Year:  2005
Review Date:  9/2/06


Not one to pass up a shot at seeing the lovely Elisha Cuthbert (little girl Bauer once upon a time, from "24"), I decided to use my newfound free time after a half-day at work to catch the indie drama "The Quiet" at the local multiplex...the film was a mixed bag, but what a creepy crawly mixed bag it was.

That's because our girl Cuthbert plays Nina, high school cheerleader and unruly daughter of parents Paul and Olivia Deer (Martin Donovan and Edie Falco).  When the film opens, Nina is adjusting to life at home with Dot (Camilla Belle), a deaf 17-year-old that has moved in following the death of her father, her only surviving parent.  Paul and Olivia were family friends of the father, and have opted to take pity on Dot by allowing her to move in and live with them; Nina doesn't like her new "freakish" live-in sister because...well, we're not sure why, at least to start.

We do know this much--Daddy is bangin' Daddy's little girl almost every night after Mom, who is hopped up on pills due to pain in her now-healed hip, goes to bed.  That's right, kids--incest is on the table early and often in "The Quiet", much to the dismay of Dot, who finds out about Dad's bad habit one day when she comes home late from school.  What to do about this?  And, what about a discovery that Nina makes one day about Dot that could destroy Dot's already-fragile world completely?  YOU MAKE THE CALL!!!

"The Quiet" is a tough one to make out.  On the one hand, Belle does great work with just her blank stare as she attempts to make out what anyone is saying to her (or about her), as her character is a lip-reader.  Cuthbert is nasty as the unstable daughter; Donovan is the best of all, as a father with a REALLY bad habit of staring at his daugher's ass but as someone that seems indifferent to the consequences of his actions.  Falco is just a throw-in as the mom, but in her few scenes she is quite good.

So the performances are good, but the script just lacks that extra je ne sais quoi to make this movie worth watching; a few times, I just sat there in the theater yawning, wondering where the story would go next but knowing it would not drop anything really substantial following the shock of learning that Dad has problems putting his dong into the wrong woman of the house.  Even adding a best friend for Nina that is obsessed with sleeping with the captain of the basketball team (Shawn Donovan, Iceman from the "X-Men" films) doesn't add any punch to this; alternately, having said captain be interested in Dot doesn't make you want to watch his pursuit of a deaf woman that doesn't have any interest in having a boyfriend.

So, we are left waiting to watch these strong performances act out a story that you could give a shit about.  By the time it's over, you get by the fact that the police skip over any number of pieces of evidence to convict the wrong suspect in a crime that affects the family, just so you can leave the theater.  "The Quiet" has some interesting moments but overall becomes a nominal experience.

Rating:  Matinee


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