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"The Queen"

Directed by Stephen Frears.
Written by Peter Morgan.
Starring Helen Mirren, Michael Sheen, Alex Jennings and James Cromwell.
Release Year:  2006
Review Date:  10/4/06


As good as Helen Mirren is once again, this time as Queen Elizabeth II in "The Queen", she is not able to carry a film to the promised land.

This new drama by Stephen Frears (he directed "Dangerous Liaisons" and "The Grifters" a long time ago) does strong work with its main topic of interest, the days of the British government following the death of Princess Diana back in August of 1997.  Newly-elected Labor Prime Minister Tony Blair (Michael Sheen), who had just won office three months before Diana's death, was at odds with the Queen on how to handle the public relations of the situation...and, famously, the Queen decided to stay in his comfy 40,000-acre retreat outside of town instead of coming to London to issue a statement addressing the nation during this tragic time.

Frears injects lots of actual footage of Diana as well as news footage of the aftermath to great effect; in addition, the performances of Mirren and Sheen are quite solid, and at times fairly funny, as they portray these real-life figures that most of us gringos only saw on TV in small bits at the time.  But something about the process is quite dry, quite British (duh), quite stodgy and it makes the experience for an American like myself who wasn't all that caught up in Diana's death just a bit flat.  The film is an interesting exploration into how a government should handle a tragedy as unique as this one; as the Queen notes a number of times, it wasn't even like Diana was even a member of the royal family any more, since she had run off with another man by the time she was stalked by paparazzi and died in her tragic car accident...she was a former royal celebrity, technically speaking, and how should you handle such a large outpouring of love for someone like Diana?

But in following the Queen and her family around their retreat for the five days after Diana's death, the film just got boring to watch as we predictably went through watching the Queen, Prince Philip (James Cromwell), and Queen Elizabeth I (Sylvia Syms) try and place their fake interest in the children of Diana and Prince Charles (Alex Jennings); it takes forever for Blair to get the Queen to sign on, but the process in watching the Queen change her stubborn mind is highlighted not by rationalizing her lack of understanding of the English people so much as it is feeling bad for a helpless buck that wanders around the retreat's countryside.  (I think.)

The sets are gorgeous; even if these are stand-in locations, what's here is lovely.  And Mirren is so watchable that even as the film slows down in its second half, she still lights up the screen with her talents every time she appears.  I wanted to like "The Queen" more, but as it is, it's still a solid piece of entertainment, especially as one that highlights a story that hasn't been touched as a film subject since the tragedies of nine years ago.

Rating:  Matinee


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