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"The Punisher"

Directed by Jonathan Hensleigh.
Written by Michael France ("Goldeneye") and Jonathan Hensleigh ("Die Hard with a Vengeance").
Starring Thomas Jane, John Travolta and Rebecca Romijn-Stamos.
Release Year:  2004 
Review Date:  4/22/04


Personally, I love the 1990 straight-to-cable classic "The Punisher", starring Dolph Lundgren in maybe his greatest role outside of "Blackjack."  Dolph stumbles through all of his scenes in that 1990 version, killing folks left and right while trying to get some bad guy in some of the worst action footage ever filmed.  I still think that was when I realized that Louis Gossett, Jr.--who won the Oscar for "An Officer and a Gentlemen" then decided he was worthless--was a complete and utter sellout.  (No, the "Iron Eagle" series wasn't enough to confirm this.)  By the way, further proof that I have seen too many films:  The year after "The Punisher" came out, Lundgren and Gossett, Jr. made ANOTHER STRAIGHT-TO-VIDEO MOVIE TOGETHER called "Cover-Up"; I rented it because the box art is so fake-glam-low-budget action flick.  Needless to say, it delivered...because it was horrible.

I had become familiar with Frank Castle, aka The Punisher, back when I was a kid; my friend Casey in Rochester had wall-to-wall Punisher posters in his room, each depicting scenes from the Marvel comics where Castle is either riding a motorcycle, getting shot at, or riding a motorcycle while getting shot at.  In the comics, I remember that Castle was quite jacked, literally bursting out of his skull-covered jump suit with manly pecs.  Of course, it isn't necessary to be too jacked up when you are dealing out your justice with a shotgun, but I digress.

As you may imagine given this premise, I was quite excited last year when I heard that "they" were going to make a new movie version of the comics, because the Lundgren version of "The Punisher" is complete dogshit.  The new version stars Thomas Jane ("Deep Blue Sea", "61*") as Castle, who opens the film by quickly losing his entire family at the hands of Howard Saint (John Travolta), illicit financial consultant to drug lords the world over.  Slightly angered by Saint's actions, Castle decides to forgo his connections with the FBI--since he has 1) retired and 2) been sold out by his G-boys--and take matters into his own hands, as they often do in the movies, eh?

The trailer for the new version of "The Punisher" promised me B-movie-style action, B-movie thrills and a mostly B-level cast, outside of Travolta...and, on these levels the film delivers.  Jane makes for a solid lead, as he has done the emotionless bit time and time again.  He beats the hell out of bad guys, gets the shit kicked out of him numerous times, and generally looks handy with a sawed-off.  A movie like this needed more action, but writer/director Jonathan Hensleigh decided it was more important to throw in a home life for Castle, courtesy of the neighbors that live in the slum they share with Castle.  Insert Rebecca Romijn-Stamos as "Buxom-Yet-Friendly Waitress", and we have a 15-minute diversion from the constant bloodletting.

Big mistake.

The home life is what brings "The Punisher" squarely into the sights of mediocrity.  Travolta does his overacting bad guy bit quite well here; he is essentially playing the same character he played in "Broken Arrow", except he spends less time firing machine guns at the good guy.  This is not such a bad thing, and I actually enjoyed a couple of the Travolta quips, like "Make Castle dead!" and his verdict on what to do with his wife, who may or may not be cheating on him with Saint's right-hand man Glass (Will Patton).  The rest of the cast comes and goes without getting in the way, which is to the film's overall detriment.

"The Punisher" of 2004 scratches the surface of what this franchise could ultimately be, if a sequel is to be made.  If John Woo (the John Woo of "Hard Boiled", not the John Woo of "Paycheck", mind you) were to handle this, the body count and the action would be awesome, and then we'd have what daddy was looking for.  As it is, not bad.

Rating:  Matinee


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