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"Peaceful Warrior"

Directed by Victor Salva ("Jeepers Creepers").
Written by Kevin Bernhardt.  Based on the novel by Dan Millman.
Starring Scott Mechlowicz, Nick Nolte, Tim DeKay and Amy Smart.
Release Year:  2006
Review Date:  7/8/06


"Peaceful Warrior", which is one of those "inspired by real events" dramas, incorporates the best and the worst of the philosophy from recent thrillers like "The Matrix" with the recent gymnastics movie "Stick It" with a dash of Nick Nolte, who is nearing the age of 1,000.

With all of this, you get a mixed bag that is watchable but ultimately forgettable.  That's due in part to the horseshit performance of Scott Mechlowicz, who was great in "Eurotrip" but very not great here as Dan Millman (who is the real-life author of the book "Peaceful Warrior"), a rings star at Cal that is gunning for a berth in the Olympics when we meet him.  One night, after a bad dream, he walks by a gas station manned by an old guy (Nolte), and after the twosome exchange pleasantries, the old guy simply jumps 20 feet into the air on top of the building.  Yeah.  Dan, shocked, comes back the next day, and learns more about inner focus, crazy zen-like philosophies (not crazy, just crazy to Dan), catching flying objects without looking at them and--after suffering through a horrific motorcycling accident--learning to recover from having your leg broken in 17 places to regain the form that might make him an Olympic champion.

The Dan/old guy relationship has good moments, and Nolte is great as the Morpheus/Miyagi/Yoda-like mentor.  I also enjoyed the idea that gymnasts are rolling so much box & boozing so often that they can barely keep up with their studies (or that Cal has loads of hotties walking around...been there, wrong), so I was greatly entertained at times during the free showing for this last week.  But Mechlowicz at times is so bad people were laughing in my audience; a strange character played by Amy Smart (can any one actress make any more mistakes with her career?) also comes off as meaningless; some of the life lessons that the Nolte character teaches to Dan seem like Duh! 101.  The film is very up-and-down; ultimately, I don't know if a film like this really changes anything or was an attempt to even kinda change anything, and as such, it makes itself forgettable early on.

Hey, it least it was free.

Rating:  Matinee


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