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"Paranormal Activity"

Directed by Oren Peli.
Written by Oren Peli.
Starring Katie Featherston and Micah Sloat.

Release Year:  2009
Review Date:  10/30/09


Talk about a wacky phenomenon--"Paranormal Activity" even managed to crush the most recent "Saw" release when it went wide a week ago.  This is pretty amazing, given how unbelievably terrible "Paranormal Activity" is.  But, I am not a hater--I give credit where credit is due, and the people responsible for marketing this film have helped writer/director Oren Peli get mega-rich, mega-quick, without even a decent film to back up the campaign.

Full disclosure--any time you see a movie AFTER the big hype, you are more susceptible to come in like I did and say, "hey, I need to see this to know what the fuss is all about."  Second full disclosure--with its lack of big scares and foreshadowing so blatant the ending is handed to us mid-film, you should feel comfortable taking your "fraidy cat" significant other to a film like this because it is strangely unscary.

Rating R for language, "Paranormal Activity" follows a couple (played by Katie Featherston and Micah Sloat) who is haunted by a demon that blows around in their suburban home.  In order to address the situation, Micah decides to videotape their bedroom every night to see if they can catch a glimpse of the demon...and, well, they do, but in the form of little things (at first) like wind blowing around in a room, or a door moving a few inches.  Each day they review the previous night's tape, and talk about how freaky all of it is, and then they go to bed, only to watch things get worse.

Movies like "Cloverfield" and "Quarantine" help "Paranormal Activity" get a lot of mileage out of the "Even Though We Are in Real Danger, Make Sure You Lug That Camera Around at All Times" model, and that also makes the movie a real snoozer.  I fell asleep twice during the film's first 30 minutes, a problem that "Quarantine" had as well; we only have two actors to follow around, neither of which is very interesting; we know that nothing is going to happen during the daytime, so that makes 75% of the movie uninteresting.  The gimmick of taping each night's action is cool until you realize that you are going to have to watch the couple watch the tape each day, milking another ten minutes out of your life.

There were two kinda spooky moments in "Paranormal Activity"; I know of one, and for the other, it was mainly spooky because it literally woke me up out of a 2-3 minute nap.  (My friend Rodney confirmed for me later that this really was a little spooky for those that were awake, so don't mind me.)  The idea of having the demon make a noise each time it was around didn't work for me; I would have preferred no noise/no music to make each entry into the room that much more scary.

Honestly, even if I saw this three weeks before it got to theaters, it wouldn't have changed anything for me--its biggest problem was that I don't have a fear of the dark, and I think that's important in a film like this...worse, it just wasn't very interesting.  It doesn't set a mood like "The Blair Witch Project" did, you aren't given a reason to believe any of this could happen, and there wasn't a single horror "jump" moment in the movie.  (Hell, even most PG-13 horror movies have something that at least makes me jump!)  Even the pixelated faces in the trailer for "The Fourth Kind" freak me out more than anything in "Paranormal Activity."  But, again, kudos to the marketing people for this movie--great job of selling a product that ultimately didn't deliver for me.

Rating:  Rental


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