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"Old School"

Directed by Todd Phillips.
Written by Todd Phillips and Scot Armstrong.
Starring Luke Wilson, Will Ferrell and Vince Vaughn. 
Release Year:  2003 
Review Date:  2/26/03


It was Monday night.  I got my roommate Jon, Brett, Kern and her fiancé Drew to come hang out at the local theater to catch up with the new comedy “Old School.”

I had heard good things.  My man Rob “Jellybean” Grant called me to tell me just one thing on Saturday afternoon--“Dude, ‘Old School’ was fuckin’ hilarious.  Seriously, I am hurting right now.”  I like Rob, I trust Rob, I knew that the promise of a good trailer would translate into a good film.  But, how good?

Friends, let me put it to you this way:  you know on ESPN, after a great game has been played, they sometimes list the game as an “instant classic” and re-air the game on ESPN Classic later in the same week?  That is what should happen with “Old School”--they ought to release the DVD of this thing RIGHT NOW, so I can go out and buy it and relish in the sheer hilarity of watching Will Ferrell do...anything, or Vince Vaughn say “Earmuffs!!” or have Seann William Scott (aka Stifler, from the “American Pie” films) walk around with one of the worst mullets ever or having the director himself show up at a door and say “I’m here...for the gang bang!”

The man that brought us the hilarious “Road Trip”, Todd Phillips, gives us another dirty, guy-driven frat movie--this one taking place AT a frat, not just a movie for the frat-like guys it features--and, “Old School” is nearly perfect.  The story of Mitch (Luke Wilson)--a 30-year-old man scorned that decides, along with his best friends Beanie (Vaughn) and Frank “The Tank” (Ferrell), to start a fraternity at a local college in New York--is ridiculous to begin with...and, the hijinks only get crazier as the film builds to its climax as the men try to validate the status of their new fraternity with members of the school’s board to avoid eviction.

I am positive that there was not more than a 90-second stretch of “Old School” where I wasn’t laughing at something.  “Old School” has it all--the broad slapstick, physical comedy, funny lines, perfectly-timed cameos (Snoop, as a rapper?  Andy Dick, as an over-the-top oral sex instructor?  Craig Kilborn playing—surprise--an asshole?  Elisha Cuthbert, on loan from “24”, as a hottie?) and loads of background jokes that you assuredly missed the first time around.  Seriously, this is probably the only funeral scene in film history that is fall-out-of-your-chair hilarious!  Frank destroying a love song while one of the funeral party members is grooving to the beat?  Then afterwards, when Frank listens as his wife of only a few weeks says she wants a divorce...his reaction?

“Oh yeah?  Yeah...well, listen, I’ve gotta run...keep on trucking, okay?  Good stuff...”

I swear to God above, they need to create a special Oscar category for actors in these kinds of comedies, because Ferrell is not going to win the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his work in “Old School”, but he should.  From his naked streaking to his hilarious Frank “The Tank” dance, to his commentary during the marriage counseling to the tranq gun to his jump through the ring of fire to his final line...remember how I was saying recently that Ferrell makes shitty films livable?  Well, in “Old School”, he makes an already solid film fantastic.  In terms of former “Saturday Night Live” players, Ferrell has officially moved into Phil Hartman range for me; rarefied air, indeed.  The man can simply do anything.  Vaughn is back on familiar turf as Beanie--spouting line after line in rapid-fire succession while playing a complete asshole, you forget that he sold out a few years ago and did “Jurassic Park II” and makes you remember the promise he had after his work in “Swingers.”

The rare comedy that makes you want to see it again in theaters because there are so many funny jokes.  Catch it now, not later.

Rating:  Opening Weekend


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