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"Observe and Report"

Directed by Jody Hill.
Written by Jody Hill.
Starring Seth Rogen, Anna Faris, Collette Wolfe and Ray Liotta.
Release Year:  2009
Review Date:  4/19/09


Nope, it's not great.  "Observe and Report" features members of the new hot comedy troupe created out of products that Judd Apatow originally created and has some good laughs, but "Superbad" it is not.

Jody Hill, one of the co-creators of the Danny McBride HBO series "Eastbound and Down", wrote and directed this comedy set in a New Mexico mall that appears very similar to "Paul Blart: Mall Cop" except that it is profane, crude, violent and altogether for adults.  Seth Rogen plays Ronnie, a jackass of a mall cop--he's head of mall security, he lives at home with a mother who has a drinking problem, he doesn't quite know how to handle The Ladies, and he visits the local shooting range every so often with two of his mall cop employees.  When a flasher begins "terrorizing" mall customers, Ronnie seeks to make a name for himself by tracking down the evildoer...even though real cops (led by Ray Liotta) are doing a real investigation and they want Ronnie to stay out of the way.

Rogen could do this kind of work in his sleep, and in some of his scenes, he appears to be doing just that--read lines, say "fuck" a lot, run somewhere, repeat.  The good laughs in "Observe and Report" come mainly from Ronnie's drunk mom (Celia Weston), Ronnie's right-hand man at the mall, Dennis (a lisping Michael Peña), and a Middle Eastern mall kiosk worker named Saddam (Aziz Ansari)...they all have bit roles but whenever their lines pop up, you will probably laugh as hard as I did.  There's a romantic element between Ronnie and a crippled coffee shop worker, as well as Ronnie's obsession with a dirty cosmetics employee (Anna Faris), but these mostly do not work.  And, "Observe and Report" is randomly violent in a couple of're kinda watching these moments saying "WTF?" while possibly laughing, but I thought they didn't really fit what was happening.

Overall, I did a little bit of laughing, but I wasn't overly impressed by what I saw..."Observe and Report" is just decent, so don't go out running to catch up with this one.

Rating:  Rental


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