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"Notorious C.H.O."

Directed by Lorene Machado.
Written by Margaret Cho.
Release Year:  2002 
Review Date:  7/17/02 


“Notorious C.H.O.” is not showing in many places, but damn, if it’s showing in your city, you need to get over to the theater so you can laugh your ass off!

Comedian Margaret Cho has had, at the very best, an average acting career; her career highlight may still be as John Travolta’s assistant in the John Woo action film “Face/Off.”  But, she has been running around the improv circuit for years, and in her second feature film, she is hilarious.  After a short film on Korean and black relationships in an animated short before the main event (which is beautifully racist as it pokes fun at a black guy and an older Korean woman in a 7-11), Cho riffs on all manner of sexuality and sex-related humor, while throwing in impressions of her mother, gays, lesbians, actresses, drag queens, you name it.

In fact, the degree to which Cho talks about sex is mostly shocking because you’ve never seen another female comedian talk about sex acts as openly.  This also is the funniest part of the movie, with jokes coming about periods, bisexuality, orgasms, and oral sex.  Her section on hunger fits had my friend Melissa falling out of her chair, and her trip to a colon-cleaning clinic and an S&M club had the entire theater rolling.

Oh, it gets worse, friends, but I can’t talk about any of that here.  Cho is a genius in terms of her comic timing, and the way she holds her facial reactions as she plays a dozen different characters are almost as funny as the jokes themselves.  Her delivery—a slow drawl that just oozes out of her mouth—helps set up her shocking conclusions, like when she opens the show by talking about the tragedy of 9/11...only to talk about what she did to help out the rescue effort by, ahem, “servicing” the workers at ground zero.  You don’t see it coming, but when it does, it helps loosen you up and break out some serious laughter.

All I can safely tell you here is to go out and see this film.  While not as good as the all-time stand-up movie classic “Bill Cosby: Himself”, this one is right up there.  I’ll never look at short lesbians the same way again...

Rating:  Opening Weekend


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