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"My Big Fat Greek Wedding"

Directed by Joel Zwick.
Written by Nia Vardalos. 
Starring Nia Vardalos and John Corbett.
Release Year:  2002 
Review Date:  5/1/02 


My friend Val pushed this film to me, an indy that opened here last weekend.  Of course, “independent film” is a tough term these days, since most of these films have major star backing...and, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” is no exception.  It was produced by Tom Hanks and his wife, who basically (along with maybe Tom Cruise) is the most powerful actor in Hollywood.  So, already you know the film is at least pretty good...

...if you are a woman.  “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” stars Nia Vardalos (who also wrote the film...which is a problem) as Toula, a frumpy 30-year-old Greek woman that is pitifully single and living at home with her super-Greek family.  Mom and Dad want her to get married as soon as possible, which is tough, since she looks at least 45 when the film opens and might be past her marrying prime.  Luckily, through the magic of the movies, Toula loses some weight and some heavy skin around the eyes and chin to slim up...just in time to meet Ian (John Corbett, perfectly cast since he plays a similar role on “Sex and the City”), a too-perfect teacher that falls in love with the new Toula at first sight.  This leads to romance, then an engagement, then “Father of the Bride III:  Anyone Like Gyros?”

If you’re thinking what I’m thinking, then you know what is coming next.  Two words:  total friggin’ chick flick.

Admittedly, I am getting better at sitting through movies that are wholly intended for a female audience.  Five years ago, I would have avoided this flick like drunk fat women.  Or Irish bars.  Or that TV show “The Bachelor.”  (I recently heard that there was a show on TV called “The Bachelor.”  No lie, I heard about this show for the first time on the show’s final night, because all of the women at the office were talking about it.  Add this to “Survivor” for the Shows That Justin Never Watched or Heard About file; I think I might be living in a cave.)  But seriously, I am now able to stomach films like this if they have even a minimal amount of appeal to a male audience.

“My Big Fat Greek Wedding” only partially addresses us men.  The movie is, at varying points, mildly amusing to out-and-out hilarious, with five or six scenes worthy of full belly laughter.  My favorite might be when Toula’s brother Nick (Louis Mandylor) tries to convince Ian that if Toula gets abused in the relationship, Nick and the other Greek men of the family will come after him; also, Grandma (I never got her real name) has some great scenes as a Turk-hating old schooler, and many of the scenes around the “baptism” sequence are damned funny.

But, the movie slips too often into sappy romance, and they played what is—I’m convinced—the same piano-driven “sensitive” jingle every time something ROMANTIC or DRAMATIC is almost sit there waiting for the next one of them.  There are, by my unofficial count, six different scenes in the movie where I slouched in my chair and rolled my eyes at what was happening on screen; whether it was cheesy lines or Vardalos’ acting, I could see other guy friends of mine saying “Yo, let’s break out of here” at the sight of these sequences.  Painful.  Much like “Kissing Jessica Stein”, this film could really have used a good lead performance to sub for the lead character...and, from checking her bio on IMDB, Vardalos really is 40, which is what one assumes when they watch this film anyway.  I am now sure that I will never star in one of my own films if I ever make it in Hollywood.  I’ll probably show up in them, but hey, I’m no actor.

I am sure that your experience will be DECIDEDLY different if you are either a) Greek, or b) a female, and if you are one or the other, run out and see this film right now.  But, if you’re a non-Greek man and you get stuck in that purgatory known as Date Night, a pre-scheduled weekly affair where you are obligated to do something with your significant other that is more mundane than fresh & spontaneous, try and steer your lovely towards something more beneficial to both parties, like “Panic Room” or “Y Tu Mama Tambien.”

Rating:  Matinee


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