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"Monster's Ball"

Directed by Marc Forster.
Written by Milo Addica and Will Rokos. 
Starring Billy Bob Thornton, Halle Berry, Peter Boyle and Heath Ledger.
Release Year:  2001 
Review Date:  1/26/02 


Continuing the hunt for films that were released in 2001 but went wide in 2002, "Monster's Ball" was near the top of the list for me.  Finally, this film hit San Francisco on Friday and I was sure to check it out.

Billy Bob Thornton, who had three films in three months to end 2001, stars as a prison corrections officer named Hank who has got his share of problems with his family.  His son Sonny (Heath Ledger, "A Knight's Tale") is a loser, a fellow corrections officer that seems to be heading nowhere.  Hank's father Buck (Peter Boyle), a racist and former corrections officer, is doing poorly healthwise and needs constant supervision.  Hank and Sonny, who work at the same prison, are preparing to complete an execution of a cop-killer inmate (Sean "P-Diddy" Combs) who happens to be married to a hot diner waitress named Leticia (Halle Berry).  Much, much tragedy ensues...and, an unlikely romance develops between Hank and Leticia that drives much of the film's second half.

This movie's not going to make you feel all good inside, but it packs a wallop and Thornton and Berry are fantastic.  Through all of the gloom that make up these two people's lives, you can kind of see why they develop the relationship that they do.  The acting is very impressive, especially from Berry, who will feel robbed if she doesn't get nominated for this work—she does it all in this film, including a pretty intense couple of love scenes, lots of sobbing, faking a Southern accent and beating a child.  (After doing almost no nudity for her career, now Berry does "Swordfish" and this film?  Interesting.)  A couple of surprises and some humor sprinkled throughout make this one more interesting than it might look in its advertisements.

"Monster's Ball" is a great film, but it clearly is not for everyone.  It kind of reminds me of "Affliction" or "Leaving Las Vegas" in that is high on drama and a great vehicle for strong performances, but it will never win over the commercial masses.

Rating:  Opening Weekend


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