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"Mr. Brooks"

Directed by Bruce A. Evans.
Written by Bruce A. Evans and Raynold Gideon.
Starring Kevin Costner, Dane Cook, Demi Moore and William Hurt.
Release Year:  2007
Review Date:  6/4/07


Ross and I had similar thoughts about "Mr. Brooks" in the week prior to its opening--hey, this thing looks interesting, but I'll be DAMNED if I'm gonna pay full price to see it.

Hence, when we got an invite to catch this for free last Thursday before its national release, we figured we should check it out...and, after Ross and I got out of the theater, we both had to agree--"Mr. Brooks" is some pretty good shit!

Borrowing a little bit from the model created from films like the Mel Gibson actioner "Payback" a few years ago, "Mr. Brooks" follows a well-adjusted psychopath named Earl Brooks (Kevin Costner) who has a good job, a good reputation in his hometown of Portland, Oregon, a lovely wife (Marg Helgenberger), and...a strange habit of killing people for fun when he's not too busy.  In fact, this Brooks guy is quite a character--sure, he's just been named Portland Man of the Year for his efforts in the community, but for chrissakes, he sure does know a lot about killing people!  Did I mention that he often spends time talking to his alter ego, Marshall (William Hurt, channeling his "A History of Violence" character to good effect here)?  Marshall can't be seen by anyone other than Mr. Brooks, yet the two men seem to be having a blast at almost every turn!  Well, after taking a couple of years off between killings, Brooks decides to go off and kill again, but this time, he makes the mistake of killing two people while the curtains are open in the now-dead couple's apartment...and, unlucky for Mr. Brooks, he's spotting by voyeur/photographer "Mr. Smith" (Dane Cook) while cleaning up the mess.

At this point, the film takes an interesting turn, one that fuels the rest of the comedy/drama/thriller all the way to the fantastic finish line...and, it is here that I must say, there's still a shot for some of these Hollywood flicks if they can continue to find that perfect mix of profane, adult-oriented humor with strong acting from its leads and the dose of over-the-top filmmaking that, in spurts, works wonders here.  I'm not saying that "Mr. Brooks" has just locked up the Best Picture Oscar next February; it's not that kind of movie.  It's just great summer adult entertainment, thanks to a calm, assured performance by Costner, one that (slightly) reminds you of what the man brought to the table during his miraculous run in the late 80s and early 90s, when he was just THE MAN.  Hurt and Costner seem to be having fun with this nonsense, and that works, too; even Cook doesn't completely annoy me in this film, whereas in real life, his comedy is nothing but when I've seen him on TV.

The film's glaring weak spot, surprisingly, comes in the form of Demi Moore, who is playing a cop who is on the trail of Brooks as his work gets a little sloppy.  By trying to give us something else to do while playing out the Brooks/Smith storyline, the filmmakers do an incredibly poor job of fleshing out the Moore character, not for lack of effort or scripting, but poorly in terms of interfering with the Brooks/Smith storyline, which is infinitely more interesting.  Okay, great--the cop is going through a nasty divorce.  Okay, great--the cop, who's loaded, is going to have to go through a nasty settlement.  Okay, great--the cop made enemies by piling up arrests over her career, and now, a bad guy from her past is on the loose.  Yawn--there's a shootout so poor late in this movie featuring the Moore character that I couldn't help but think during the two minutes it took up, "how the FUCK do trained professional miss shots from about 15 feet away, with a target who's already wounded?  Does it really take three clips to make this happen?  Even if it does, should that ever happen in the movies???"

Ugh.  This takes up a solid 30 minutes of the film in spurts, and if it had all been changed to five minutes of a cop-like character following hot on the heels of the Brooks/Smith storyline, that would have been just fine.  But, you've got Moore, you've got to pay her, she still looks pretty good...blah!  Otherwise, "Mr. Brooks" is great, and instead of going to see one of the three shitastic threequels out in theaters right now, check out something that isn't a complete insult to your intellect.

Rating:  $9.50 Show


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