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"Margot at the Wedding"

Directed by Noah Baumbach.
Written by Noah Baumbach.
Starring Nicole Kidman, Zane Pais, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Jack Black.
Release Year:  2007
Review Date:  11/25/07


Noah Baumbach made a really funny movie called "The Squid and the Whale" a couple of years ago; it was so funny that his script was nominated for an Oscar.  That said, it would be an understatement to acknowledge that, after working with Wes Anderson on "The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou", Baumbach is a talent on the rise...and, with his new film "Margot at the Wedding", I am sad to report that this promise may be overstated, because I thought it was absolutely fucking atrocious.

Nicole Kidman stars at Margot, a dysfunctional celebrity writer from Manhattan who brings her son Claude (Zane Pais) to visit Margot's sister Pauline (Jennifer Jason Leigh), who is getting married to a deadbeat artist/writer named Malcolm (Jack Black).  I will admit, this premise has promise, except that to tell you more would ruin the movie for you because everything else that happens is so weird, so empty, and--even I can't understand this--so poorly lit that a few people got up and left the theater during my showing...and, this was during a 90-minute film.

I could tell that many of the film's lines were meant to be funny, but I was shocked to see how unfunny so much of the film was; the Margot character seems to be meant to be ridiculous and illogical, but this is never completely explained and it makes you wonder why anyone would want to keep this woman around; even Black can only make a couple of these scenes funny; the editing of "Margot at the Wedding"--much like Baumbach's last film--is so random that scenes end where there is clearly room for more explanation, or laughs, or occasionally good drama; Pais just isn't as good as Jesse Eisenberg was as the older son in "The Squid and the Whale", and Pais hurts this new movie in the long run; I can't say this often, but John Turturro--the man who gave us Jesus Quintana from "The Big Lebowski", amongst a hundred other memorable roles--is wasted in his few precious moments of screen time; the list goes on and on.

But, what surprised me the most wasn't how bad the film was, although that was shocking; it was that I was staring intently at the screen the whole time just hoping that this horseshit would get better, and it never did.  And then, it's over.  I am excited to go online now to read positive reviews of this movie, to see how real movie critics could possibly justify any of this as even remotely decent.  Damn, this shit was bad.

Rating:  Hard Vice


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