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"Lara Croft Tomb Raider--The Cradle of Life"

Directed by Jan de Bont.
Written by Dean Georgaris.
Starring Angelina Jolie and Gerard Butler. 
Release Year:  2003 
Review Date:  8/1/03


Now, I gave the first “Tomb Raider” film a Rental.  Everything about it sucked except for Angelina Jolie, who was absolutely dead-on perfect as video game heroine Lara Croft--she had the attitude, the look, the accent and the action chops down pat.  Too bad that everything happening around her was so atrocious:  capturing almost nothing that made the video games so good, the filmmakers of the first film effort seemed to be content having Jolie in the film and forgot to add any interesting story elements or logical, in my favorite scene from the first film, there Croft was driving through the jungle with a GPS tracker that apparently had the location of fucking temples of the gods programmed in for good measure.  So hilarious.

This time around, it looked like a good idea on paper--let’s team up Lara with a crazy Irish partner named Terry Sheridan (talk about an Irish name--I guess Paddy McIrishman was taken) and make them travel all over the world in the search for Pandora’s Box.  There will be plenty of locations that the adventurous Croft will be able to scout out while also shooting a lot of bad guys with her trademark twin pistols.  There are a couple of problems here:

A) Instead of making Sheridan (played by Gerard Butler) just a normal partner, they had to make Sheridan a ROMANTIC partner, so when not helping Croft take out baddies, he’s constantly hitting on her.  There is no chemistry between the two, and by none, I mean zero.

B) Although she usually is searching through ancient, remote locations in the video games, this time around she only does this twice--at the VERY beginning and at the VERY end.  In between, all manner of ridiculous action pieces take place in...uh, a fucking Hong Kong shopping mall, a lab, a bad guy hideout, the open plains of Africa, and an outdoor pagoda.  Not what I would call “tombs” by any stretch of the imagination.

Talk about “all dressed up and nowhere to go”--this film breaks the bank in locations this summer by a mile.  Get this:  this production, directed by “Speed” maestro Jan de Bont, filmed ON LOCATION in England, Hong Kong, Kenya and Greece.  And, because all of the principals appear in all of those locations, that means that this production was probably in the $100 million range, including Jolie’s salary and a large number of special effects.  I will grant that the film’s visuals are often spectacular; scenes of Hong Kong by night or Kenya by day are very cool because they are quite rare in American film productions.  Too bad the action happening on screen is so bad, boring or unnecessary; somebody’s going to start pushing for one-location shoots on the third movie, should they be so lucky, because some of this shit is just blah.

There are a couple of decent shootouts, and Jolie is once again very strong in the role of Croft.  I don’t fault her for taking this part, either; I can’t imagine how tough it is for actresses to find work as a gun-toting, strong-willed action star that does many of her own stunts, and Lara Croft is probably the only major female action role this year not called Trinity.  But, outside of these high points, the second installment of the “Tomb Raider” series is mostly dogshit made worse by the fact that nothing from the first film’s lengthy list of faults is improved upon.

Rating:  Rental


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