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"Italian for Beginners"

Directed by Lone Scherfig.
Written by Lone Scherfig.
Starring Anders Berthelsen.
Release Year:  2000 
Review Date:  4/11/02


There is a moment in "Italian for Beginners" that is really priceless:  an impotent former soccer player-turned-concierge named Jorgen proposes to a love interest named Giulia, but because she speaks mostly Italian, Jorgen professes his passion to her in some Norwegian dialect, and hopes that she will understand.  She picks up the basics and considers his proposal briefly before saying yes, and the way that she walks out of Jorgen's sight to consider it is both cute and amusing before she walks back to him and accepts.

It is moments like these that I find rare in movies these days--usually, it's Meg Ryan or Sandra Bullock playing a role like Giulia and making it look over-the-top cute instead of just human.  The way this scene is played out in "Italian for Beginners" is beautiful...however, most of this film is not nearly as entertaining.

This is mostly because the ensemble cast that makes up "Italian for Beginners" seems to be working in totally separate films, not flowing through a continuous sequence that happens to have their individual storylines intertwine over the course of the film.  As such, we are treated with two very depressing, monosyllabic paths--two women that suffer through the deaths of a parent--and many more paths that detail lives that seem to be heading nowhere, which include Jorgen and his best friend Finn, a profane restaurant manager that ends up teaching an Italian class for the characters in the film after their first teacher dies of a heart attack.

Adding to the misery is the fact that the film has no score, token laughs and having to watch a character named Olympia stumble through every scene she is in because she is horrifically error-prone.  "Italian for Beginners" held my attention throughout, and it didn't feel too long every though it runs nearly two hours...but, I just felt like it was average.  Nothing about it is earth-shattering, or even something you haven't seen recently.  When it is dramatic, it is as good as most average TV dramas, with more profanity.  During those few funny scenes, you won't get caught guffawing so loud that you will embarrass your friends.

You could do worse, but do yourself a favor and do better.

Rating:  Matinee


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