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"In Bruges"

Directed by Martin McDonagh.
Written by Martin McDonagh.
Starring Colin Farrell, Brendan Gleeson, Clémence Poésy and Ralph Fiennes.
Release Year:  2007
Review Date:  2/17/08


The action/comedy genre is truly tricky, but the import "In Bruges" manages to sidestep the normal landmines by delivering a funny, biting, violent film with three great leads and a surprisingly strong supporting cast.  And, it's set in a completely random town in Belgium.

Two London-based hitmen, Ray (Colin Farrell) and Ken (Brendan Gleeson), are in Bruges, Belgium because their boss, Harry (Ralph Fiennes), sent them there to hide out after a recent hit left not only their target dead, but also an unintended fatality--a young boy.  Ray is a racist, seemingly heartless bastard, but he's new to this game of killing and even he recognizes that it was wrong to take out the kid, even if it was by accident.  Ken, the more seasoned of the two, maintains that the two men should keep a low profile in this quiet town until Harry tells them what to do next.  What follows is a random adventure in time killing, and that's not all the killing that gets done over the course of the days that the men are in Belgium.

What first got me about "In Bruges" was how funny the script by Oscar-winner Martin McDonagh is (he won a couple of years ago for Best Live Action Short); there are some really great moments, and anytime you can include some random midget (oops..."dwarf") moments in addition to just straight-up good laughs, you know you've got something to work with there.  But, it is the on-screen chemistry between Farrell and Gleeson that does most of the good work in "In Bruges"...then, the third-act addition of Fiennes makes it all come together.  Fiennes has been great for so long that we as Americans generally take him for granted now...but, when he's on (like "Schindler's List", or "Spider" or "The Constant Gardner"), he is fantastic.

But, the nickel players are also quite good here; how good?  The guy who plays the midget in this film, Jordan Prentice, starred as the Giant Bag of Weed in the seminal moment of the cult classic "Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle"!!!!  Come on, can you beat that?  Seriously, the other two-lines-of-dialogue characters are all pretty good, and that makes a comedy that much more special.

The weakest parts of "In Bruges" typically deal with the action; it's violent, but not action-y enough.  A chase scene or a better shootout might have been nice, but hey, I didn't direct the thing, so this is a bit picky.  Also, having a faux-love-interest bit does nothing for "In Bruges", even if it is purely to advance the story.  (I could have done without it, myself.)  But otherwise, Meg, Ross and I all thought that "In Bruges" was a very good film, never aspiring to greatness but still might leave some viewers that way regardless.  Worth a look!

Rating:  $9.50 Show


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