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Directed by Bryan Barber.
Written by Bryan Barber.
Starring Antwan Patton, André Benjamin, Paula Patton and Terrence Howard.
Release Year:  2006
Review Date:  8/28/06


I was pretty fired up to catch the OutKast movie/musical "Idlewild" from the moment I first saw the trailer, back in May.  I really ought to stop getting excited for these kinds of flicks, though, because the setting was ripe for disappointment and let down, I was.

The OutKast guys star as lifelong friends Rooster (Antwan "Big Boi" Patton) and Percy (André Benjamin, aka André 3000), and when we're caught up to the present day, it's 193X and Percy is the piano man at Church, a nightclub in Idlewild, Georgia, where Rooster is the top performer and part-owner.  The contrast in personalities--Rooster's the flamboyant, cheating husband, never passing up a hooch deal or a big cigar; Percy's the shy one, the picky paramour, the man with "big dreams"--gives us more chances to mix styles between a little hip-hop here and a little R&B there.  Add in a bunch of random characters, from the boys' godfather (Ving Rhames) to a low-life hustler (Terrence Howard) to The Dame, a woman named Angel (Paula Patton) who has talent both on and off the stage, and you've got the makings of a blowout musical.

Except, it's not.  For OutKast fans (myself included), there is disappointment in a film that features about a half-dozen musical numbers featuring songs from the Grammy-winning double album "Speakerboxxx/The Love Below", which is now three years old...what ever happened to "Music Inspired By the Film XXXXX"???  As such, "Idlewild" feels like a three-year-old music video, with songs that you already know, and that would be cool IF it was 2003!  But, alas, it is not...and, you end up wishing for something a bit fresher.  It also doesn't help that Patton is not the best actor; Benjamin is a bit better but I don't expect either to be up for any major end-of-season awards, if you know what I mean.

The supporting cast is great; Howard soaks up his bad guy role with flourish, and bit parts from Patti LaBelle, Cicely Tyson, and Ben Vereen range from not bad to occasionally powerful (even Macy Gray recovers from that awful part she had in "Shadowboxer" to give us some laughs in "Idlewild").  There is one dance number early in the film (set to Patton's song "Church") that is pretty sweet, right down to some of the sickest swing dancing I've ever seen; again, because it shows up early, you get to thinking there will be more of those, but they never arrive.  The two or three songs that I hadn't heard before won't make me run out and buy the movie soundtrack, especially since they'll be included with some songs that I already own.

Hmm.  "Idlewild" was disappointing, but strangely, I would go see another OutKast movie if these guys decide to do it all again.  Maybe next time they'll come up with a script first and THEN make some songs, not the other way around!

Rating:  Rental


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