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"The Hunting Party"

Directed by Richard Shepard.
Written by Richard Shepard.  Based on an article from Esquire.
Starring Terrence Howard, Richard Gere and Jesse Eisenberg.
Release Year:  2007
Review Date:  9/24/07


Although the entire story might be complete bullshit, "The Hunting Party" (which actually goes with "only the most ridiculous parts of this story are true" instead of "based on a true story" in the opening credits) tells an interesting story of how three guys might discover a internationally-infamous war criminal by purely dumb luck.

Terrence Howard and Richard Gere star as Duck and Hunt (I know), a cameraman and a reporter who have been covering wars in various countries around the world for almost ten years.  After Hunt gets fired from the network they report for, Duck takes a comfy corporate job back in New York and Hunt goes rogue, trying to cover stories for the highest bidder in some truly awful places.  In 2000, Duck is tasked with a story in Sarajevo, where he meets up again with Hunt...and, Hunt thinks he has a lead that ultimately forces Duck and his new assistant (Jesse Eisenberg) to travel to the Bosnian borders to track down The Fox, the worst offender of ethnic cleansing Bosnia has ever known.

So, these three reporters spend two days trying to find The Fox, all the while nearly getting killed trying to track him down.  It's a great idea, and much of this film might be based in fact, but so much of it is not explained at the conclusion of the film that it's tough to say what is really what.  But, getting caught up in fact or fiction is the film's only major downside; otherwise, it's a fun ride, thanks to a great performance by Richard Gere and another solid turn by Howard, who just gets better and better in lead roles after an eternity as a bit player.  The wildcard here is Eisenberg; his character is not a lovable one when we first meet him but he slowly warms on you as the film rolls along.  Match this threesome with some tough scenes around some of the things that pepper Duck & Hunt's past lives in reporting war atrocities, and you have a good film here; director Richard Shepard also did one of my favorite movies from '05, "The Matador" (with Pierce Brosnan and Greg Kinnear), and he shows promise once again with "The Hunting Party."

This one is a small release and it doesn't look like it's going to make much money, so to see this one in theaters you're gonna have to hurry.  But, I think that you'll like what you see here...

Rating:  $9.50 Show


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