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"How High"

Directed by Jesse Dylan.
Written by Dustin Abraham. 
Starring Method Man and Redman.
Release Year:  2001 
Review Date:  12/31/01 


Well, "The Drive for 75" is over, and I saw my 75th film of the year in theaters today.  Really, the choice was simple, since the only movie that I haven't seen at the six theaters within walking distance of my house was "How High"...and, I thought to myself, I want to end the year watching a college comedy starring blunt-smokin' rap stars!

Actually, I had really wanted to see this movie when it came out two weeks ago, but with all of the Oscar-worthy fare that has come out recently, I made those other films a priority.  See, I love Method Man and Redman, the two stars of "How High", but for their musical ability.  But, this is their first film and the preview for it was pretty funny, so I thought it had to be worth checking out.

While the film isn't really that great, and features more gross-out humor than I have seen in a flick in a while (this one rivals "Scary Movie" in its volume of questionable scenes), it does have its moments.  Two guys that are stuck in community college, Silas (Method Man) and Jamal (Redman), decide to make something of their lives and go to a four-year university.  After cheating on their SAT-style entrance exams with the help of a weed-induced vision of a ghost, they get perfect scores and decide that Harvard will be the place to further their education...which essentially is to grow the best pot on campus and come up with a scientific breakthrough for the use of their special blunt potion.

Whatever.  You knew coming into this that the plot for this film was going to suck.  But, what doesn't suck are the two leads, and the hip-hoppers are actually pretty good in front of the camera, especially Method Man.  As this is their first feature film, these two guys will show up in more films in the future, and they act infinitely better than 95% of the other cast members who are right out of central casting.  Save for cameos by the hilarious Fred Willard (the dog show play-by-play man in "Best in Show") and Hector Elizondo as a crew coach that starts wearing Jamal's "original" clothing line, BUFU (obviously a play on real-life clothing line FUBU), the rest of this cast is shit.

But there are three or four laugh-out-loud scenes and a great soundtrack, featuring an on-screen performance by world-famous bluntmen Cypress Hill.  "How High" is mostly forgettable, but the performances by Meth and Redman will get them more work next year.

Rating:  Rental


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