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Directed by Eli Roth ("Cabin Fever").
Written by Eli Roth.
Starring Jay Hernandez, Derek Richardson, Eythor Gudjonsson and a shitload of tits.
Release Year:  2005
Review Date:  1/21/06


Even with the Quentin Tarantino name slapped on the marketing campaign for the new horror film "Hostel" and an unbelievable amount of breast shots featured within, the flick scores almost no points for what normally makes a bloody slasher flick fun for me and in the process makes the much-hyped film as bad as any other run-of-the-mill kill flick out there.

"Hostel" does have a couple things going for it, though--a couple of cool, nasty kills and just about the strangest, nastiest eyeball extraction scene in memory.  Oh, and a couple of decent female chest shots amidst literally a hundred gratuitous nude scenes.

Three guys--two Americans (Jay Hernandez and Derek Richardson) and a vaguely Norwegian guy named Oli (Eythor Gudjonsson)--are traveling through Europe club-hopping when they meet a guy in Amsterdam that knows of this mystical, magical place where damn near the hottest women in the world seem to all be having threesomes and moresomes--Slovakia.  Sold on about a dozen digital stills from this wise man's camera, the three guys head off to Slovakia, crash out at what seems like a small Slovakian town's only hostel and proceed to get into a shitload of trouble after meeting some more hot women at said hostel.  Blood and dismemberment ensue.

Eli Roth, who directed the so-so "Cabin Fever" a few years ago, literally goes for the jugular during the film's second half, as we are treated to a place where people seem to keep going and from which they never return.  Going out of his way to give us sequences of innocent foreigners being killed off by paying "customers" (people can pay a fee to do anything in this world, I guess), Roth gives us people assaulted by blowtorch, weed cutters, chainsaw, handgun and scalpel...thankfully, much of it is done in shadowy darkness.  But, the kills didn't effect me the way they should have, I thought, because we never really get one static bad guy or killer that necessarily hates these innocent people.  It's just a business, and that makes the kills very one-note, very unsympathetic...part of me was saying "dumb foreigners--this is what you get for taking a train to Slovakia to get laid" while watching guys and gals get their toes cut off.

There is no star power, there are no great performances, even though one of the paying customers we meet near the end really does seem to go for broke in expressing his passion for spending $25,000 on killing somebody he doesn't know; there are a couple of funny moments as the guys tour Amsterdam, but otherwise, there's nothing funny about this business until the end, when one of the guys gets wise to what's going on and proceeds to go after the people that set him up in the first place.  But, that's really it--it's a soulless slasher, one that doesn't meet the hype and never really scares you, unless you get it in your mind that getting stuck in a quasi-prison in the middle of nowhere really IS a frightening endeavor.

But if you like nudity, especially gratuitous breast shots, "Hostel" might be for you.  Might.

Rating:  Rental


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