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"The Host"

Directed by Bong Joon-ho.
Written by Bong Joon-ho, Ha Jun-won and Baek Chul-hyun.
Starring Song Kang-ho, Byeon Hie-bong, Bae Du-na and Ko Ah-sung.
Release Year:  2006
Review Date:  3/14/07


Let me put it to you this way--"The Host"--a Korean import that made waves overseas last year before showing up on our shores--is strangely overrated, a decent film that has decent laughs, decent scares and barely-decent special effects...especially for a film that created this much buzz online and in film purist circles that I follow periodically.

I was hoping for much more, especially with the kooky-yet-spooky trailer that I saw for this a couple of weeks ago.  In a lab somewhere in Seoul around 1999, a scientist tells his partner to go ahead and pour hundreds of old bottles of formaldehyde down the drain, a drain that leads to the Han River near the city.  Cut to 2006; what can only be described as a loser, Gang-du (Song Kang-ho) of the Park family, is sleeping at the counter of his family's shop on the riverbank of the Han River.  He wakes up in time to see a humongous larvae/predator/sewer slug starting to eat people and generally wrecking havoc on the coast; in the process, he almost loses his father (Byeon Hie-bong) and he absolutely loses his daughter (Ko Ah-sung).  After the chaos, Gang-du is quarantined along with his dad, his Olympic archer sister (Bae Du-na) and his alcoholic brother (Park Hae-il), but the family breaks out and formulates a plan to rescue Gang-du's daughter when they learn that she might still be alive somewhere in the sewers near the Han River.

So, the genre here is tough--sci-fi, horror, action, rescue film, slapstick comedy (this part is tough to explain without seeing it; I am assuming the comedy is intentional but mixed with people getting chewed up by a large fucking slug, I'm not so sure) and environmental hazard doomsday spectacle.  "The Host"--again, strangely--does all of these things reasonably well.  At no point do you find yourself laughing your ass off; you also never really are wowed by the special effects; the scares are minimal because you generally always see the slug thing coming; you know the family will somehow rescue the girl but you don't really know how, but even when you find out, you are underwhelmed.

If this was released by a North American studio, it would open to so-so reviews and make middling cash.  The cast is really below par after Song's performance; they do the "run around like your head's on fire" bit so well (taking a cue from any "Godzilla" film, any time, ever) that you hope to forget that there's a substantial amount of movie that DOESN'T feature the slug-thing.  The sets are blah, the music is blah, the fire effects are so bad you WILL think this is a TV movie at times (Korean big-budget films are not nearly as big-budget as they are here in the States).

Honestly, I can't get over how average "The Host" was.  Even on video, I am convinced that this would disappoint a person who had high hopes coming in, but if you come in on an even keel, you might think that this wasn't too bad.


Rating:  Matinee


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