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"The Grudge"

Directed by Takashi Shimizu.
Written by Takashi Shimizu and Stephen Susco.  Based on the film "Ju-On" by Takashi Shimizu.
Starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jason Behr, Ryo Ishibashi and Bill Pullman.
Release Year:  2004
Review Date:  10/25/04


I was tired of these PG-13 faux spookfests two years ago, but they keep on coming, and since the Japanese film "Ringu" worked its magic into an American film called (shockingly) "The Ring", you can expect a steady diet of Asian-style horror-light films over the next few months...and, to kick it off, we get "The Grudge", a remake of "Ju-On" that has a couple of justifiably great scares mixed with the single-worst, most annoying sound effect in the history of film.

Buf...whoops, Sarah Michelle Gellar stars as Karen, an American exchange student working in Tokyo as a caretaker part-time.  When one of her co-workers doesn't show up for work one day, she fills in to take care of an old woman that lives in a house...up on a hill...that has no natural light coming in...that's FUCKING HAUNTED!  Of course, "haunted" would imply that it's just cursed, with little ghosts flying around but nothing to worry about.  The house in "The Grudge" has dead people living in it that show up every so often to kill people that have moved in.

I'll bet you THAT wasn't in the Real Estate listing!

Now, there's more to it than that, and there's some mystery that I'm supposed to care about that involves why the house is cursed in the first place.  And, all of that comes to light in due time.  In the meantime, we have to watch many people get killed off by these fake/real ghosts, one of whom is a little boy that meows like a cat (earning the nickname "Cat-Boy" by my friends Rob and Kristin, who showed up with me) and one is a girl that, for lack of a better description, moans like someone that seriously needs a drink of water.

Now, it's this girl that we need to address before we go any further.  The sound effect that she makes before she shows up to kill anyone was cool the first time around; if your dentist makes you say "Ahhh" and then you do it for, like, 30 seconds, that's the sound that the girl makes every time she's about to put the kill on.  Now, imagine her doing that sound six times during one scene.  Now, imagine the film's writer/director, Takashi Shimizu, giving us five scenes that rely on this sound effect.

It happens so many times that it went beyond not being scary any became downright hilarious!  Then, the script gets dumb...a cop (Ryo Ishibashi, so great in "Audition"), who ALREADY KNOWS THAT ANYONE THAT ENTERS THE HOUSE HAS A DEATH WISH, goes back to the house to try and figure out if he can burn the house to the ground.  Just prior to this, he pulls out the fakest-looking bonding pictures of cops drinking at a bar ever witnessed in motion picture history, providing even more laughs for Rob and I.  Gellar, who is in so little of this film that one imagines this is the greatest paycheck value ever, doesn't even look scared enough in "The Grudge"; there's a fucking kid that meows before eating people, for chrissakes!  You even have implausible things, like deaths of people that never entered the house in the first place, that make all of this business not only unscary, but also unintentionally funny and completely nonsensical.

Then it really hits you--shit, the girl in "The Grudge" looks just like the little girl from "The Ring", which can only be considered copycating, since "Ringu" and the freakin' sequel to "Ringu" were BOTH released before "Ju-On."  So, not only is all of this business hackneyed, but they couldn't even give us a spooky character that looks different than the character in the most popular film of this genre of the last two years.  (Do I even have to mention that the sequel to "The Ring" is out in three or four months?)  And, Shimizu has made "Ju-On", a sequel, then two more remakes of the first iteration of the film, THEN made "The Grudge."  How many times can you make the same movie over again?  You'd think he would have made a classic by now.

Amazingly, "The Grudge" made $40 million over the weekend, so we are almost guaranteed of a sequel.  Who wins there?  Damn you, Hollywood, damn you...

Rating:  Rental


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