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"Girl 27"

Directed by David Stenn.
Release Year:  ? 
Review Date:  1/30/07


Wow, wow, wow!  I love a good documentary, even more so when a documentary takes it right to The Man, baby!  David Stenn's first documentary feature concerns the nearly-70-year-old rape case of Patricia Douglas, who claims to have been raped at an MGM sales conference in 1937.

Using a fantastic mix of archival footage from 1930s and 40s films, still photographs of the pertinent players in the case, and interviews with surviving members and/or their families, "Girl 27" takes us on an intriguing fact-filled ride as we try to learn what happened on the fateful night of the purported rape as well as how it was handled both in the press clippings of the day as well as the minds and hearts of those involved.  Judging by our crowd reaction once the film had ended, "Girl 27" affected a ton of people in ways that they might have imagined coming but not nearly with the level of ferocity that is dealt when the film is finally over.

Why is this?  In today's world, it really is shocking to see how big business would try to cover up mistakes made by staff members; it is even more shocking to see how the mass media of the 1930s handled rape cases in terms of reporting and readily-available information.  Stenn does a great job of bringing this kind of knowledge up to the present thanks to the employ of two lawyers, including FOX analyst Greta van Susteran.  For me, it was also very interesting to see how films of the 30s and 40s handled scenes of sexual assault; most of them handled it by not handling it at all, but when it was addressed on screen, it was amazing how much a man could conceivably get away with and still not "appear" to be harming or assaulting a woman in any way.  These days, even a dirty look across a table might draw the ire of HR, but in films (and handling of women off the set back in those days) it was all good in the hood.  Sad.

The only negative for "Girl 27" for me was that Stenn included WAY too much of himself in his film.  Sure, it makes sense to have him do the voice-over for the film, and it's still kosher to have him conduct interviews with the various players in this film.  But then, to have some fireside talking heads interviews with someone offscreen?  It is so strange to see the man who has already told us he's the filmmaker to have that same person doing interviews about his findings with someone out of camera view!  Who decided this was a good idea?

Otherwise, "Girl 27" is stellar work.  Please, please, please, see the light of day!

Rating:  Opening Weekend


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