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"Get Smart"

Directed by Peter Segal.
Written by Tom J. Astle and Matt Ember.
Starring Steve Carell, Anne Hathaway, Alan Arkin and Dwayne Johnson.
Release Year:  2008
Review Date:  7/2/08

Much like the TV show, the movie version of "Get Smart" is mildly funny, but generally, not very good.  This is interesting, mainly because I am one of six Americans in my age bracket who regularly watched reruns of this show while hangin' out at my babysitter's house back in the day...and, even then, I remember thinking that the original show wasn't very good.

This was lost on those Hollywood types who believe that every product is worth bringing back to the silver screen...truth be told, "Alvin and the Chipmunks" wasn't that great growing up either, but the movie version of that TV show made hundreds of millions of bucks...then, "Speed Racer" did not.  It's a fun guessing game to play, but "Get Smart" plays a version of the game that starts slow, has zero chemistry between our leads (could it be the 15-year age difference?  Carell's lack of leading man qualities that work in straight comedies but not action-comedies?  Hathaway's blindingly-white skin?), features action scenes with the wrong action stars (The Rock is in this film, but is featured is roughly none of the action sequences...odd), and features large, LARGE stretches of classic suspension of disbelief...cue the scene where a seven-foot-tall assassin falls from a plane all the way into a pig at a farmhouse...gets up, and walks away.

"Get Smart" does have three or four very funny scenes, but they come so sporadically (and after such a slow, unfunny first 20 minutes) that they appear to be aberrations, almost as if they don't belong with the rest of this movie.  Carell's Maxwell Smart is as deadpan and as sarcastic as I remember Don Adams being back in the day, but that doesn't work very well here, and I still don't know why.  A heavy balance on action here also doesn't work...Smart goes from analyst to shoot-baddies-on-the-run proficient about mid-way through his first field mission, and I would have been fine with Smart not shooting anybody at all.

What can I say?  If you let the guy that directed the atrocious "50 First Dates" direct your movie (and, it's certain that director Peter Segal is getting worse, since he did the cult classic "Tommy Boy" more than a dozen years ago), this is what you get.  And, for Carell, this continues to solidify the opinion that he is better as an ensemble player, where he worked wonders in both "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" and "Little Miss Sunshine."

Rating:  Rental


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