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"Funny People"

Directed by Judd Apatow.
Written by Judd Apatow.
Starring Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen, Leslie Mann and Eric Bana.
Release Year:  2009
Review Date:  8/3/09


Hey, they couldn't ALL be great.

Judd Apatow, who has written, directed, or produced a half-dozen classics in the last five years, has in his new "Funny People" a film that does both comedy and drama sorta well, but never really crushes it thanks to another too-long running time and Adam Sandler in a performance that never quite gets there.

"Funny People" is maybe three different films rolled into one.  The first features Sandler as George Simmons, essentially a made-up version of the real Sandler in that he is playing a former stand-up comic who made it big in major--but, dumb--comedy films.  After learning that he is terminally ill, he hires an assistant named Ira (Seth Rogen) to write jokes AND take care of his household chores while completing a life of banging hot groupies, performing at corporate events and swimming in his pool.  The second film features Rogen as one of three housemates in Los Angeles who goes from deli man to stand-up comic to Simmons's assistant to his life coach.  His roommates include Mark (Jason Schwartzman, as elven as ever), a C-level star of an ABC Family-like hit sitcom, and Leo (Jonah Hill), a more established version of Ira.  This swath of scenes--certainly the funniest in this movie--will remind everyone of the comic scenes in "Knocked Up" where Hill plays a loser living with other losers who inject profane comic relief when necessary.  The third film features George's attempt to get back together with his former girlfriend, Laura (Leslie Mann).  This final 30-40 minutes of "Funny People" ultimately seals its fate; it features one of the stranger manipulations of an audience I have seen in a while, as we watch George and Laura fall back into things, mainly thanks to Laura's belief that George may still be terminally ill, and how that may or may not destroy Laura's family life (she has two kids and an Australian husband, played by Australian Eric Bana), and how all of this may be George's fault.  ???

The first and third films weren't great, but they were occasionally sad, funny, cute or appalling and that was entertaining.  You know coming in that this won't be balls-out comedy like, say, "Superbad" was; but, in having Sandler star as Bizarro Sandler, I thought it would have been better at times to have someone who isn't really a comic play the comic.  It even looks like stock Sandler footage was used to show Simmons at a younger age...this, combined with stock Apatow players Rogen, Hill, Schwartzman, Aziz Ansari and others make this feel like other Apatow comedies but none of these players are built for comedy-drama.  This is probably the only comedy in history to attempt dramatic overtones but still feature a high volume of profane words for someone's johnson.  The two genres can work together, but I don't think they work well when it comes to having someone utter "come on, man, show me your cock" 15-20 times, along with at least 200 f-bombs.  Seriously!

No matter what, I thought the last part of the movie was terrible and completely made "Funny People" derail.  It doesn't help that this film is 150 minutes long.  Friends, I say this a lot on Bellview--comedies should NEVER be this long.  Films featuring Adam Sandler should NEVER be this long.  In the age of Twitter, instant messaging and people that call staying three years at one job "long term", movies should be getting shorter, not longer.  The length of "Funny People", at times, is interminable; at one point late in this film, one guy just stood up and started pacing behind the back row to stretch his legs.

"Funny People" is not bad, but I certainly won't be watching it again, unless someone can put together a DVD for me of just the scenes featuring Hill, Rogen and Schwartzman hangin' out and talking shit.  Hot!

Rating:  Matinee


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