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"Four Christmases"

Directed by Seth Gordon.
Written by Matt Allen, Caleb Wilson, Jon Lucas and Scott Moore.
Starring Vince Vaughn, Reese Witherspoon, Jon Favreau and Robert Duvall.

Release Year:  2008
Review Date:  12/1/08


Don't take it from me, and don't take it from all of the cash this movie piled in over the Turkey Day holiday weekend, just see it for yourself.  I'd like to get your opinion on "Four Christmases", because for the 50-or-so people in my theater on Saturday afternoon, this movie was near-complete dogshit thanks to 80% of its laughs being included in its trailer and another film role for Vince Vaughn that nearly saps everything great about him from his hits.

Vaughn plays Brad, a lawyer in San Francisco who has been dating his now-live-in girlfriend Kate (Reese Witherspoon) for the last three years, and both of these lovebirds hate their families.  Maybe "hate" is too strong a word, but it hasn't stopped them from skipping Christmas with their families the last couple of years, instead heading out of the country for exotic vacations...but, this year, all of the flights out of SFO are grounded by bad weather, and when a local news crew tries to interview the pair as they are decked out in beach gear at the ticket counter, their families figure out that the pair is grounded.  So, Brad and Kate visit all four of their families (both sets of parents are divorced), and we get to meet a wild cast of peeps as Kate and Brad suffer not only through their families, but what they don't know about each other.

Yep, it's got "dramedy" written all over it.  There are a few chuckles in "Four Christmases" that I didn't see coming, thanks mainly to Vaughn's now-classic run-on line delivery, and I did love the Nativity sequence at the church of Kate's mother (Mary Steenburgen) featuring Vaughn as Joseph.  But mostly, "Four Christmases" left our theater quiet for long stretches, funny scenes written for laughs that delivered none, and lots of gratuitous breast shots of Kristin Chenoweth, who plays Kate's sister and is a whopping 4'11" tall.  (In pictures, it was weird seeing her standing next to Witherspoon, who is much taller than Chenoweth.  Not good.)

The worst offense is that this film tries to go drama on us for its last 20 minutes (after introducing the idea that this child-hating couple might want to have kids after all) and I was having none of it.  Yikes, this movie was not good, but so many people went to see it!  This country is already in the handbasket.

Rating:  Rental


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