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"The Fluffer"

Directed by Richard Glatzer.
Written by Wash Westmoreland.
Starring Michael Cunio and Scott Gurney. 
Release Year:  2001 
Review Date:  3/28/02


In what might be the funniest title for a film in the history of cinema, "The Fluffer" opened here in San Francisco last week...and isn't nearly as good as the title would make you believe.

Don't get me wrong: "The Fluffer"--which stars Michael Cunio in the titular role as Sean, a fresh-faced bisexual 22-year-old that finds work at Men of Janus Productions in Los Angeles--has some funny-ass lines throughout.  Most deal with the explicit nature of Sean's work...which, if you aren't familiar with the term fluffer, deals with set production assistants that keep male stars erect in-between shots.  There are so many hilarious lines in "The Fluffer", and sadly, none of them are appropriate for the workmates that are standing behind you right now as you read this review.  There is also a scene in "The Fluffer" that rivals that scene in "Showgirls" where Kyle Maclachlan tells Elizabeth Berkley that she's "gonna be a big star" for Best Dirty Backstage Guy Line of All know it when you see it, and it brought a roar in my theater even though it was shown in the trailer for the film and most people already knew it was coming.

Sadly, most of these lines come in the first half of the film, and much like the somewhat-similar "Boogie Nights", things head south after a major plot twist mid-film.  The other characters in the film that matter are big-stud male porn star Johnny Rebel (Scott Gurney) and his stripper-girlfriend Julie (Roxanne Day).  Johnny's backstory mostly includes his insane use of crystal method, which sends his emotions out of control; Julie is--for reasons only movies seem to allow--in love with Johnny even though he lays other men during his day job and uses drugs during his night shift.  This, friends, does not make for interesting subplots.

This is the first film I can think of that has extensive male-on-male sex scenes (Men of Janus Productions is a fictionalized gay-sex company only); most of my audience tonight was comprised of seemingly gay couples*, and they seemed to be pretty happy with that.  Me, I wasn't that turned on by it, and it led to me laughing mostly when Sean was forced to, well, "do the duty."  But, the hushed tones when guy sex was going on seemed to indicate to me that this turned some of my audience on...pretty weird stuff for the straight-edged black guy in the back corner (i.e., me).  I mention this because I know that some of my male friends would walk out of a film that had even a little homosexual hooking-up...and, if that is you, skip this film altogether.

This was a good idea for a film, but ultimately, "The Fluffer" falls back down to earth after unearthing its one-trick pony early on.  But, this is still worth it for the lines in the first half of the film.

Rating:  Matinee

*--how can I tell they were gay couples?  Two things:

  1. None of these couples used "guy seating", the adolescent and ridiculous way that men separate themselves by one seat during a showing of a film to "give themselves more space."  I have had other women jokingly call me gay when I choose to sit right next to another guy at a movie, so I know that women think the same way about this.

  2. I counted at least four male twosomes that were sharing an order of popcorn.  Only couples share popcorn!


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