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"Final Destination 3"

Directed by James Wong.
Written by Glen Morgan and James Wong.
Starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Ryan Merriman.
Release Year:  2006
Review Date:  2/10/06


While the plots of both "Final Destination" and "Final Destination 2" were mostly dogshit, both horror flicks had this much going for it:

The kills were badass!

So, in attending a showing of "Final Destination 3" this Friday night after a long work day, I only had one thing in mind--please, please, PLEASE let the kills in this installment be badass!

Uhh...not so much.

This go-round, it's the same old story:  a premonition by an individual, this time around a girl named Wendy (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), features mass death and dismemberment at the hands of what looks like an unfortunate accident.  In this movie, the accident features about 20 high school kids falling to their death after a roller coaster runs off the tracks.

Flashback to the present, and Wendy is sitting in the coaster just before it's about to take off on its fateful journey.  Hysterical, she gets off, along with about eight other kids...and, sure enough, as the coaster goes on without them, it falls off the tracks, killing Wendy's boyfriend and a bunch of other unlucky ones.  Wendy and the lucky souls that stepped off the coaster spend the rest of the movie wondering how they have dodged least, for a little while.

So, the setup stays consistent, and since we know that Death is eventually going to get each and every one of the kids, all we are left with are the death sequences...and, here, "Final Destination 3" falls short on most levels.  The buildup to each kill is too fast--a couple of times, kids die before we even get to the hokey-yet-sexy "everything around you might be a death trap" camerawork--and the kills themselves just didn't feel as cool, or as violent, or as whoa-inducing as they did in the first two films.  None ever approach the series' best kill, when one unlucky soul ends up blowing up her whole house after fishing around trying to stave off the Reaper in the first flick.  I'll admit, I enjoyed the tanning bed number, and the nail gun episode wasn't bad...but, in general, I was more amused than thrilled, and I was expecting better action since the director of the first film, James Wong, came back to finish the trilogy.

Winstead is capable in the lead here, and along with Ryan Merriman--playing the boyfriend of another girl that was lost in the initial coaster accident--the two leads have a playful banter that didn't get in the way too much as we move from "accident" to "accident."  The special effects aren't great but they are naturally quite bloody; nothing about the production is that special, and the laughs are minimal.  "Final Destination 3" doesn't even seem to be making fun of itself, as is the case as you get deeper and deeper into these senseless horror series...come on, give daddy something to howl at!

Blah.  If you can't tell, I'm not happy about blowing $9 on this horseshit.  If only I had spent less...

Rating:  Rental


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