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"Das Experiment"

Directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel.
Written by Don Bohlinger, Christoph Darnstädt and Mario Giordano.
Starring Moritz Bleibtreu.
Release Year:  2001 
Review Date:  10/20/02 


I don’t what it is about me and foreign films lately, but in a quest to hit every major film market this year, I thought “Hey, I haven’t done German in a about ‘Das Experiment’?  That oughta work!”  So, there you have it.

Film number 93 this year was a good one.  “Das Experiment” follows a fictional lab experiment in which 20 men are separated into two groups:  prisoners and guards.  Researchers are performing tests to see how the prisoners deal with a total loss of civil rights while being held captive for two weeks.  The money is pretty good for the study participants, so for the subjects, it’s a no-brainer...until the experiment begins, and things go horribly awry.

I read somewhere that this film—set in a modern-day Germany—is based on a similar experiment performed at Stanford many years ago with similar results, and the idea behind the experiment both here in the film and in real-life is very, very intriguing.  Moritz Bleibtreu (who also starred in “Run Lola Run”) plays the lead prisoner here and he is excellent, but the whole cast really brings the idea behind their respective side of the experiment to life.  Watching the prisoners devolve over the first few days of the experiment is interesting, highly believable and just a touch scary; I don’t think I would want to spend an hour in a real prison, let alone two weeks.  So, watching the prisoner group be all buddy-buddy, then start to realize how bad it will suck to sit in a cage for 14 days is well done.  Things really take a turn for the worst by the end of the film, but up to that point, the experiment and its participants are very watchable.

“Das Experiment” also brought to mind my only experience doing a study of any kind like this—the time during Spring Break of my third year at UVA when I did a flu study.  In an incredible stroke of luck, my friend Dave “Money” Lee (the man who named this column, which makes him a “Cool Guy” Lifetime Member) actually had an e-copy of the essay I wrote to friends following my experience during the cold study, and that file is attached.  Trust me, you will LOVE this attachment.

Rating:  $9.00 Show


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