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Directed by Mark Steven Johnson.
Written by Mark Steven Johnson.
Starring Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, Colin Farrell and Michael Clarke Duncan. 
Release Year:  2003
Review Date:  2/18/03


From the posters to the casting to the action sequences, “Daredevil” is just a bad idea.

How unsure were the producers of their product in the last four weeks?  That’s easy--the marketing campaign turned from “Ben Affleck in ‘Daredevil’” to “Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner in ‘Daredevil’” almost overnight.  Suddenly, the original campaign (with Affleck in costume looking out into space) was nixed for that same Affleck pose with Garner on ALL of the billboards and posters in the city.  It was like “Damn, why did we think that Ben could sell this picture alone?  Put the ‘Alias’ girl on the billboards, stat!”  The movie is similarly confused; by skimming on running time (a trim 95 minutes) and a decent storyline, the movie instead tries to give us “Batman Lite”, without the interesting villains, adding most of the tortured child upbringing and, of course, the rushed romance between the leads.  Add in a Colin Farrell so useless that although he is Irish in real life, he seems to slip up his Irish character Bullseye’s accent four times by my count, and what you have is a watchable-yet-bumbling mess.

Daredevil (Affleck) is really a blind lawyer named Matt Murdock, blinded in his youth but as a result awarded keen awareness of his remaining four senses and he uses these senses to protect and avenge the innocent in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC.  Although he has been trying to take down the city’s crime lord Kingpin (Michael Clarke Duncan) for quite some time, he goes to a party in the film and meets him AND has a final showdown with him in the course of two days of film time.  (Hmm...)  Kingpin employs a hitman named Bullseye (Farrell) to take out a local billionaire that happens to be the father of some hottie named Elektra (Garner), but things go awry and this leads Daredevil to try and take out the baddies.

The plot sucked, the showdowns between Bullseye and Elektra/Daredevil were just bland; I wanted matchups like Rocky/Apollo and instead, I got Rocky/Tommy Gunn.  Is the Daredevil costume the worst superhero costume in the history of film...or maybe (if it was faithful to the Marvel comic) the worst costume in COMIC BOOK history?  It just looked silly on Affleck, ESPECIALLY whenever he was forced to run anywhere.  It either needed to be tighter, or more muscular-looking, or a different color.  Whatever the case, it didn’t look right.  In an ironic twist, the action scenes in “Alias” are much better than any of the action scenes in “Daredevil”; I wonder if Garner kept her mouth shut during the filming of them, because she must have known that those scenes needed more punch.  And, talk about spoon-feeding scenes--in the opening scene for Bullseye, Farrell is throwing darts in a pub in Ireland while an old House of Pain song is playing.  I am pretty sure one guy in the background even had an Ireland t-shirt on.  What am I, stupid?  Maybe the filmmakers had originally included a shot of a Lucky Charms cereal box next to a calendar with March 17th circled, JUST TO MAKE SURE that I gathered Bullseye is Irish.  Come on!  Oh, and don’t let me forget the supporting cast members.  Jon Favreau--he of “Swingers” and exactly nothing else--needs to star on a show not called “Dinner for Five” but one called “No More Double Stuf OREOs” because the guy is not only fat, he is really, REALLY fat.  At least he has the only two funny lines in the film not in the trailer.  And, Joe Pantoliano has got to start asking himself where he wants his long-running film career to end up.  Does “The Matrix”, then “Ready to Rumble.”  Does “Memento”, then does “The Adventures of Pluto Nash.”  As the sideline reporter here--reprising the role Robert Wuhl played in the original “Batman” film--he is totally useless.

The film does do a fantastic job of showing us what it might be like to be a blind man in New York City; talk about a nightmare!  And, Jennifer Garner’s body is nearly pimped out in “Daredevil”, as the filmmakers realized that she might be the film’s biggest asset.  But for the most part, “Daredevil” and comic book movies in general don’t look like they will be winning over too many fans this year; how bad did the trailers for “The League for Extraordinary Gentlemen” and “The Hulk” look to you?  “X2” has some promise, but don’t hold your breath.

Rating:  Rental


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