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"Couples Retreat"

Directed by Peter Billingsley.
Written by Jon Favreau, Vince Vaughn and Dana Fox.
Starring Vince Vaughn, Jason Bateman, Faizon Love and Jon Favreau.
Release Year:  2009
Review Date:  10/30/09


After "The Break-Up", "Four Christmases" and now "Couples Retreat", I need to just face the facts coming into it--Vince Vaughn and romantic comedies are clearly not a good fit.

This time around, Vaughn plays a happily married guy living in Chicago with his wife Ronnie (Malin Akerman) near three other good friends in relationships: there's anal/analytical Jason (Jason Bateman), who's considering divorce from his long-time wife Cynthia (Kristen Bell); former jock Joey (Jon Favreau), who's just waiting for his daughter to go to college before divorcing his wife Lucy (Kristin Davis); and recent divorcé Shane (Faizon Love), who's now a few weeks into a fling with a 20-something named Trudy (Kali Hawk).  Jason and Cynthia have come up with an idea to help their ailing marriage, but it requires four couples--a trip to a beach resort that doubles as a counseling session.  When all four couples make the trip, who will end up together when the smoke clears?

Who gives a shit?

Wanting a good laugh, I went to see "Couples Retreat" on a mandate with my friend Ross because we quietly hoped that maybe, just maybe, Vaughn could give me something funny outside of the movie's trailer.  For the most part, he and his good friend Favreau could not.  I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why Vaughn's charisma matched with scripted one-liners can't lift these lifeless romantic projects; in Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and now co-stars like Kristin Davis (all proven comedic actresses), Vaughn can't really blame the talent surrounding him, so I just have to believe that in this life, some things aren't meant to be.

Further, as unfunny as Vaughn is in "Couples Retreat", other normally reliable sources don't deliver; Bateman wasn't funny in this movie or his last appearance in "Extract"...Jean Reno, always one of my favorites, doesn't do much good work here...even bit players like John Michael Higgins (who had the only laughs in "The Break-Up" and is a regular in Christopher Guest flicks) and Ken Jeong (the Asian guy showing up in things like "The Hangover" and "Role Models") can't make their scenes shine either.

I did chuckle here and there; certainly, the guy that played the resort's host, Sctanley (Peter Serafinowicz), got me laughing and Love wasn't bad...but, sadly, there were no great money shots in "Couples Retreat" and not any real reasons to invest in watching the film when it begins its regular rotation on TNT HD.  This was better for me to make the firm decision to never see another Vaughn rom-com...jeez, this was ungood.

Rating:  Hard Vice


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